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Donating Online At Charity Navigator


Many of our users have told us that they value our service for its ability to help them make informed giving decisions, but wished that they could also have the ability to contribute online to the charities featured on our site. So, in December of 2006, just in time for the traditional holiday giving season when many of our users make their year-end contributions, Charity Navigator added the convenience of online giving.

Because of its reputation for ensuring secure, user-friendly, online transactions, we have elected to partner with Network for Good to offer online giving at our site. Network for Good, a nonprofit itself, is the industry leader for online charitable giving, Since its inception, more than 400,000 donors have contributed more than $100 million using the Network for Good giving system.

At Charity Navigator we have no hidden motive. We are not taking a percentage of any giving. Our sole intention is to provide a service that our users requested.

How To Make A Gift

Once you've used Charity Navigator's trusted ratings to select a charity worthy of your support, a simple click of a mouse will enable you to make a secure online contribution.

NFGIn the upper left-hand corner of a charity's ratings page, you'll notice a button that says Donate Now Through Network for Good. Simply click on this logo to enter Network for Good's giving system. There you will be guided by a series of instructions to select the level of support you wish to provide and your preferred method of payment (credit card or check). Network for Good even offers you the opportunity to make gifts anonymously.

Have more questions? More information about donating through Network for Good is available on our FAQ page.

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