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Where Did The Money Go?

Global Aid Network

Mobilizing resources with compassion

What has your charity done in Haiti?

Global Aid Network responded to the January 12 earthquake by immediately distributing 1 million meals we had warehoused in country, and following up with medical and trauma care teams, and additional shipments of food, water filters, hygiene items, blankets, tents and mobility units (wheelchairs, walkers and crutches). Our sanitation and hygiene engineer conducted sanitation and hygiene training and distributed and installed hollow-fiber membrane water filters.

What are the outcomes (immediate results) of your efforts in Haiti?

In the first six months, Global Aid Network shipped 40 containers of aid worth $6.5 million, distributed more than 5.3 million meals, 1,195 tents, 4,800 hygiene kits, 1,338 mobility units, and 11,802 hollow fiber membrane filters. (Global Aid Network is compiling the current statistics and will have updated figures by January.)

Based on your outcomes thus far, has your charity adjusted its course of action to improve the results?

Immediately following the earthquake, we shipped the majority of our aid. As customs and port clearing processes have slowed in the past four to six months, we have reduced the number of shipments that we’ve sent to Haiti in order to avoid having shipments sit in customs and incur charges which take up donated funds.

  • Is your charity planning to continue to provide assistance to Haiti in the coming months and years? If so, please explain your plans.

    Global Aid Network had shipped aid to our Haitian partners before the January 2010 earthquake. We plan to continue working in this country through the shipment of humanitarian aid and sending short term volunteer teams. Additionally, our construction of facilities outside Port-au-Prince, in partnership with other ministries, will provide homes for orphaned children, an established medical clinic, opportunities for microenterprise, and a school for the village.

    What do you anticipate will be the biggest challenges facing the people of Haiti in the years to come? Do you have suggestions for how to address these challenges both via your own organization and through the efforts of others?

    We believe some of the greatest challenges are going to be:

    1. The resettlement of the displaced Haitians – either in a new area or in the area where they used to live. Both create huge challenges.
    2. The rehabilitation of those affected by the earthquake – involving job training, job creation, as well as emotional rehabilitation through trauma counseling, etc.
    3. Balancing the above with the provision of a limited amount of relief items which can help meet the ongoing need until people are resettled and rehabilitated.
    4. Prevention of potential health epidemics like cholera through providing clean water, health education, and healthcare.

    Global Aid Network may be involved in some part in 2, 3 and 4.

    Have you been able to coordinate and pool your efforts with other organizations?

    Global Aid Network has always worked with in-country partners as well as with other relief organizations and our worldwide Global Aid Network offices in Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Korea and the Netherlands. During the response to the Haitian earthquake, we worked with multiple NGOs and other partners including Counterpart, WHO, Nehemiah Vision Ministries, Convoy of Hope, Mission of Hope, Mercy Chefs and Mercy Response, and multiple churches and Christian ministries.

    Global Aid Network distributes aid in a Haitian IDP camp

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