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Financial Measures Task Force


In 2002, Charity Navigator launched a website that rated the Financial Health of charities. Over the years, we’ve made some enhancements to that system. For example, in response to the negative impact the recession has had on certain types of charities, we adjusted the way in which it rates those charities both for their FYE 2009 and 2010 ratings (see our Financial Health Ratings Tables for more details).

But now that we’ve launched CN 2.0, our expanded rating system that also evaluates Accountability & Transparency, we think it is  time to go back to our original rating dimension – the financial health of charities – and see if some more substantial changes are in order. We have formed a task force of financial experts from around the country to help us think through how we can make our financial analysis even more powerful. We believe that their work will lead to the development of an even deeper and more robust tool for rating the Financial Health of charities.

In addition to staff, our Financial Task Force Membership includes: 

  • Andrew Silverstein- CPA (Financial Task Force Chair)- Partner, Dorfman Abrams Music LLC
  • Larry Campbell- California Attorney General's Registrar of Charitable Trusts (Retired)
  • Janet Gibbs - Chief Financial Officer, Feeding America
  • Sarah A. Gillman- Chief Financial Officer, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • James Tuite - VP, Finance & Operations/ CFO, ChildFund International
  • Eric Wetterling, CPA - Manager, Financial Reporting and Compliance, World Vision, Inc.

This task force is a subcommittee of our Advisory Panel which is guiding our development of CN 3.0, a three dimensional rating system that looks at Financial Health, Accountability & Transparency as well as Results Reporting (for more details see our article Where We Are Headed). We thank all of them for volunteering their time to help us in this endeavor and look forward to implementing the results of our joint efforts.


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