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Charity Navigator's API


Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator, is your source for reliable charity data. Our API provides developers access to our high-quality, comprehensive charity data which can be easily integrated into your application or website. 

  • We have detailed information on more than 8,000 of the largest charities in America. This group of public charities receives approximately half of all private contributions made in the USA each year (not including houses of worship).
  • We have basic information on the remainder of the 1.4 million US nonprofits. 

Feature Charity Navigator’s data on your site

At Charity Navigator we believe that people are amazingly generous and derive great satisfaction from helping others, but are not always sure how to help. So we built an objective rating system that assists givers from every state, and with every type of charitable interest, in finding a charity to support. Our API provides the largest dataset (more than 7,000 charities) on the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of US registered public charities providing services in every cause area both domestically and internationally as well as basic data on the remainder of the 1.4 million US nonprofits.

The Charity Navigator API allows you to add valuable and trusted information to your application. Via the API you can:

  • Search by keyword(s) and other criteria
  • Browse by cause areas*
  • Browse by countries served*
  • Browse Top Ten Lists and Hot Topics*
  • Display detailed ratings and metrics for individual charities*
  • Automatically access the hundreds of new ratings we publish each month
  • Automatically access additional ratings 

*Applies to rated organizations only.

Integrate the Charity Navigator API into your web application today so your site visitors can find a Charity Navigator rated charity as well as basic information on the remainder of the 1.4 million US nonprofits.

The API Data Package Includes:


Monthly licensing fee



Multivariable search

Basic information returned in search results

  • Rated Charities: EIN#, charity name, tagline, city, state, zip, category, cause, overall rating, NTEE code, subsection
  • Unrated Organizations: EIN#, name, city, state, zip, NTEE code, subsection 

API access to Top Ten Lists, Hot Topics, and list of countries.

Ability to periodically cache data into your database system  

Detailed information provided for each charity

  • Rated Charities: all the information provided for Unrated Organizations plus ratings, financial metrics, accountability & transparency metrics, mission, list of charities performing similar types of work, etc
  • Unrated Organizations: EIN#, name, street address, city, state, zip, NTEE code, NTEE classification, NTEE type, classification, subsection, activities, foundation status, deductibility, affiliation, group name, exempt organization status, ruling date, asset amount, income amount, form 990 revenue amount, date of the latest form 990 return, filing requirement, FYE 

White label usage - Does not require link to our site for each charity displayed


Historical ratings


Additionally, in some cases fees may be waved for a short trial period of time while you test out the features of the package.

High Volume 

Please contact us if you anticipate high volume usage of our API (such as more than 5,000 calls/hour).

API Registration

The Charity Navigator API is administered by 3Scale. To obtain a valid application ID with which to make calls against the Charity Navigator API, you'll first need to register and carefully review the terms and conditions.


Please review our Attribution Requirements.

And be sure to review the License Agreement for the Premium Data Package and the License Agreement for the Basica Data Package as you will need to agree to the one that applies before you can obtain an API key.

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Charity Navigator API in Action 



Givelocity is a community for shared giving. Individuals and businesses can build or move into neighborhoods (giving circles) based on their philanthropic goals. By pooling donations and voting together, members can have greater impact on the causes that matter to them. Givelocity integrated the Charity Navigator API to help members easily access and learn more about top causes.





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