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Colorado Floods: How To Help

September 16, 2013

Colorado Floods: How To Help Header Image

A week of torrential rains in Colorado has caused tremendous flooding throughout the state. At least seven people have died, thousands have evacuated and many are unaccounted for or stranded due to washed-out roads, bridges and communication lines. Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. The area around Boulder has been hit the hardest by the rains that have shattered records.

If you'd like to help the flood victims, here is a list of organizations that are working on relief and recovery in the region. But before you give, consider what it is that you want your donation to accomplish and be sure to select the charity offering that specific type of aid. To do that, simply click on the charity’s name and view its rating page (where you can learn about its Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency). Once you are satisfied with its rating, then you can jump to the charity’s website (we link to each charity’s site from its ratings page) to learn more specifically about the type of assistance the charity is providing in relation to the flooding in Colorado.

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