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Ten Year Partnership Results in nearly 200 Additional Charity Ratings

Charity Navigator and Hobbs Foundation Team Up to Evaluate Charities

February 1, 2014


Individual donors and grantmaking organizations can find trusted analytical information on many of the South's best-known charities serving the needs of children, thanks to the Hobbs Foundation’s decision to continue to fund Charity Navigator’s expanded coverage of these types of charities. The ten year partnership has also benefited the roughly 200 charities that have been evaluated by shining the lights on the most efficient, accountable & transparent organizations and providing them with objective information which they can share with supporters.

To the right, is a list of the latest charities to receive evaluations as a result of this partnership. Click here to view the complete list of charities rated as a result of funding from the Hobbs Foundation.

Interested in partnering with us to provide additional charity evaluations for your community or in a specific charitable cause? Then drop us an email to learn more about our partnership opportunities.

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