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How Do We Decide To Remove Charity from the CN Watchlist?


Charities on the CN Watchlist typically remain on the list for a minimum of six months. In order for us to remove a charity from the CN Watchlist, the charity, media outlet, or other reporting party must provide public domain documentation or similarly reliable and accessible information that demonstrates that the issues identified in the CN Watchlist entry have been resolved.

When we decide to remove a CN Watchlist entry the CN Watchlist information will remain in the charity’s ‘Historical’ section of its rating profile for a period of one year. The history will be updated to include the information that warranted the removal of the CN Watchlist entry. This way, donors have an opportunity to learn about and understand the issues the charity previously faced and, if available, how it resolved those issues. After one year, if no further noteworthy corroboration of the initial CN Watchlist entry is identified, it will no longer be deemed of adequate noteworthiness to be factored into a donor’s current charitable giving/social investment decisions.
Charities on the CN Watchlist are welcome to provide information concerning the entry, at any time. Even if the information received by Charity Navigator does not warrant removal from the CN Watchlist, Charity Navigator reserves the right to provide its donors with the information provided, including links to progress reports or media coverage, in order to ensure donors have access to the most recent developments.

See "How Do We Decide To Add a Charity to the CN Watchlist?" for an explanation about our process for including charities on the CN Watchlist.

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