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Round table

Roundtable Discussion

Philanthropic Response to Katrina: What Went Right? What Went Wrong?

Charity Navigator has invited executives at the American Red Cross, Baton Rouge Area Foundation, Desire Street Ministries, Direct Relief International and Operation USA to share their thoughts on the philanthropic response to Hurricane Katrina.

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5 Lessons For Donors To Take To Heart

We all know that charities made a lot of mistakes in the days after Hurricane Katrina. But should donors share some of the blame? In this Charity Navigator exclusive, we reveal what you as a donor need to do next time to ensure that your contributions are spent more wisely, efficiently, and effectively than they were in Louisiana in 2005.

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Survey Results

In 2006, we asked our users what they thought about the charitable response to Hurricane Katrina. Our findings may surprise you! Review the Results Now

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