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    How and Why We Issue Advisories

    In general, charities operate in good faith. However, when a charity is reported to engage or confirmed to have engaged in misconduct or questionable practices, we post an Advisory on the charity’s profile page to raise awareness and help inform your giving.

    Ensuring You Have Access to as Much Information as Possible to Inform Your Giving


    Charity Navigator's Advisory Issuance Committee publishes reports of potential or confirmed misconduct being investigated by the media or governmental agencies.


    Prior to issuing an Advisory, the Committee considers the following:



    1. The credibility and timeliness of the information.
    2. The nature, scope, and seriousness of the allegations or convictions.
    3. Whether or not the allegations have been proven.
    4. Other factors on a case-by-case basis.


    It's important to note that Advisories are issued to equip donors with information to guide their giving decisions. It is not within the scope or objective of the Committee to independently assess the accuracy of the information. The objective of the committee is to determine if a donor might find such information helpful when considering a contribution to the organization.


    Below is the iconography we use for Advisories. These can be seen on search results and on charity profile pages, along with additional information about the Advisory. 


    Advisory levels


    Click into each of the sections below to learn about the levels of Advisories we issue.

    A Low Concern Advisory may be issued to a charity that is the subject of a media investigation surrounding a variety of potentially negative indicators, but which lacks the backing of a formal legal action or investigation by a regulatory body.

    A Moderate Concern Advisory may be issued to a charity that has open allegations of wrongdoing, either through open lawsuits or investigations by a relevant regulatory body.

    A High Concern Advisory may be issued when the allegations of wrongdoing by a charity have been confirmed through the legal system or via investigation from a relevant regulatory body. This Advisory level is also issued when a charity is deemed a fake or fraudulent entity.

    If you have concerns about a charity on our website and have access to credible, publicly reported information related to those concerns, please submit them for review at

    Is Your Organization Affected by an Advisory?

    You're welcome to submit information for our Charity Navigator Advisory Issuance Committee to review.