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Radical Healing Center is headquartered in Sarasota, FL, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 47-1992623.  Donations are tax-deductible. The IRS' NTEE classification is Services to Promote the Independence of Specific Populations within the Human Services - Multipurpose and Other category. The IRS ruling year for tax exemption was 2016.

(Source: IRS Business Master File and Form 990)

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What is your organization aiming to accomplish?

RADical Healing is working to create a culture of Attachment Centered, Trauma informed awareness and therapies throughout our region that will help children heal and keep adoptive/foster families together by: a) Training foster/adoptive caregivers with a parenting approach that is Attachment Centered and Trauma Informed which results in deep healing within the family context; and b) Training professionals who serve the foster/adoptive community how to appropriately identify, diagnose and treat children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and developmental trauma, expanding the knowledge base of healing treatment across the spectrum of care.

What are your strategies for making this happen?

RADical Healing currently has a core group of therapists with Attachment/Trauma expertise currently working with foster/adoptive families and their children, often over the course of two to three years. Dr. Bruce Sogolow is also a trained clinical supervisor in Florida and is training other therapists in Attachment Centered, Trauma Informed treatment—which will help expand desperately needed services. RADical Healing has been approved in the state of Florida to offer CEU classes on RAD and developmental trauma to professional social workers. These ongoing trainings will help raise the level of expertise in appropriate diagnosis and effective treatment for foster/adoptive families-- reducing adoption disruptions and stopping the cycle of multiple foster placements. RADical Healing also offers seminars at conferences and speaking engagements to foster/adoptive families and care providers--working in collaboration with them to make their services more effective as they integrate Attachment Centered, Trauma Informed practices into their treatment programs.

What are your organization's capabilities for doing this?

As experts in the fields of Attachment Disorders and Complex Trauma, our licensed therapists are well suited to provide appropriate services to the families we serve and to train the professionals who serve them. RADical Healing provides expert consultation on RAD and developmental trauma with regional judges, lawyers, guardian ad lidem, educators and administrators, DCF (Department of Children and Families, FL), SCC (Safe Children’s Coalition). RADical Healing has a robust website that also offers educational information for both families and service providers, opportunities for donations to support our work, and provides a platform for CEU registrations. RADical Healing uses our website resources and social media, newsletters to get the word out to our families, collaborating partners, service professionals and donors. RADical Healing has developed a diverse, working board that fully supports the mission of RADical Healing; and to create robust strategic and communication plans to grow our educational resources and donor base.

How will your organization know if you are making progress?

Successful Therapeutic Family Interventions: Children and parents will develop increasingly secure attachments within the family as parents approach their wounded child with a non-reactive, compassionate approach focused on the child’s needs and feelings--resulting in deep, healing connections that increase the child’s self-regulation as s/he begins to developmentally heal and grow over the long term. Many times, this internal family work literally saves the lives of the children (many coming to us out of the opioid crisis with either parents who have passed away, or who, because of their addictions, are incapable of having the children at home). As parents improve their attachments with the children (and vice versa) the chances of the family staying together dramatically increases. Successfully Trained Professionals: Increasing the number of area professionals successfully completing (CEU) training to accurately identify and effectively treat RAD/complex trauma with Attachment Centered, Trauma Informed therapies. Increasing diverse professional resources across our region is helping to create healthy, growing, stable families with bright futures within our communities. It literally takes a village--of both families and professionals working together for the health of each family--to heal the sometimes lifelong trauma many of our children have suffered. Successful Collaborations: Increasing the number of resources available for adoptive/foster families with partnering organizations who can make practical use of our expertise and knowledge to complement and make their work with the foster/adoptive community even more effective. Increasing overall exposure to and education about Developmental Trauma and how to treat recognize and treat it with partnering professions such as Juvenile Justice (Judges, Guardians ad litem, Officers of the Court, Probation officers, etc.), Educators, Health and Mental Health Professionals. Successful Communications: Keeping our Communication Plan up to date and running effectively, complemented with regular online diagnostic overviews to chart our progress on social media, email, newsletters, and press releases, Successful Fundraising: Diversifying our fundraising beyond large donors to sustaining (monthly) donors, keeping our grant writing program up to date and current with deadlines, creating a story bank that successfully supports communicating the impact of our work, maintaining communication with our donors with recognition of their much appreciated support and updating them regularly on our progress, growth and impact.

What have and haven't you accomplished so far?

In 2018, RADical Healing, Inc. served nearly as many families in 2018 as we did in the previous 30 months, and lives are being transformed! 2018 DATA (12 months), compared to 2016-2017 Data (30 Months): 49 families: 152 persons served: 76 caregivers, 71 kids, 6 aging out; 2016-17: 60 families, 164 persons served; 88 caregivers, 74 kids, 2 aging out. 11 kinship families: UP 6 families from 2016-17 -- due to opioid crisis. 6 self-care (aging out— +18 yrs.; in therapy; out of home). UP 4 - aging out kids—highest at risk population Of 49 families, 75 % still receive services: UP 9% from 2016-17— families are staying in therapy longer, receiving greater benefit. 49 kids-- 69% were 11+ yrs-still our highest at-risk group, DOWN 14%. We are seeing more younger children, ages 0-10—UP 14%: many being placed in kinship families -- due to the opioid crisis. Demographics of children are consistent from 2016-17 to 2018: Female-37: +1; Male-34-4; African American-9:-2; Asia-9:same; Caucasian- 45:-2; Hispanic-8+1. 2018 Overview of RADical Healing, Inc. Services Funded by Donations, and Provided by Pro Bono and Volunteer Hours: The work accomplished through these professional services results in creating secure attachment in children from trauma with attachment disorder, especially as caregivers are learning transformative ways of parenting their children—creating deep healing that happens within the family structure. Education and outreach in the community encompasses educating teachers, judges, lawyers, guardians ad litem, and others about complex developmental trauma, its causes, setbacks, healing treatments and interventions. Therapy Hours Subsidized by RHI, and provided by Licensed Therapists: 30 hours @ $122/hr ($150 rate-avg. copay) = $ 76,860 Pro Bono Therapy Hours: 170 hours @ $150/hr. = $ 25500 Pro Bono IEP School Interventions: 45 hours @ $150/hr.= $ 6750 Pro Bono Judicial Consulting Hours: 57 hours @ $150/hr. = $ 8550 Pro Bono Speaking Engagements: 15 hours @ $150/hr. = $ 2250 TOTAL 287 Pro Bono hrs. = $ 43,050 2019 VOLUNTEER Hours: 952 hrs. @ $22.50/hr. = $ 21,420 TOTAL VALUE: Subsidized + Pro Bono + Volunteer Services = $141,330 GOALS for 2019: In 2018, We DOUBLED our fundraising from 2017. GOAL: To raise total funds to SUSTAIN growing services & budget of $182,000, by cultivating relationships with existing and potential new donors. GOAL: To engage 200 individual/unique donors-with 25 recurring, and 20+ sustaining. GOAL: Have 3-5 Fundraising Events. GOAL: CEU Courses: Offer 1 class/month to train professionals. GOAL: Supervise 3 new therapists who will be able to identify/treat RAD. GOAL: Develop an Online Store with T-shirts/swag. Educational materials, Webinars that support mission.


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