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Breast Cancer Hub Corporation is headquartered in Concord, NC, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 82-2394795.  Donations are tax-deductible. The IRS' NTEE classification is Cancer within the Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines category. The IRS ruling year for tax exemption was 2018.

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What is your organization aiming to accomplish?

Who We Are - The operating model of BCH – voluntary service from our founder Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy who resigned from her career and took on this initiative as honorary and pro bono service to meet the mission. Our Goals: • We bridge the gap between the Developed and the Developing Countries • We extensively work on Breast Cancer in Women and Men with a Mission to double the survival rate in the developing countries • We work in the under-privileged, under-insured segments in US, starting with refugee camps. • “Coming Together to Fight All Cancer” for the families & communities faced with cancer, focusing on Early detection, Preventable Measures, Research & PATIENT TREATMENT BUCKET-providing financial aid to patients who are extremely poor. In addition, BCH wings -Colon Cancer Hub; Oral and Cervical Cancer Hub focusing on Early detection screening in developing countries BY ADOPTING VILLAGES. • We engage youngsters to talk about cancer, early detection, prevention: Young Children are our future ambassadors to the scientific as well as humanitarian community. BCH student ambassadors are our community leaders, helping to generate awareness. WHAT WE DO AWARENESS & EDUCATION- Early detection & Prevention Outreach camps We educate about Early detection, Dense Breast issues with Mammogram, Lifestyle (stress & diet), Risk factors, Genetics, Inflammation & cancer & provide early screening options, solutions & channelize potential underprivileged patients towards affordable healthcare services, treatment options and resources. We discuss early signs & symptoms of All Cancer & how to prevent. We break the culture enforced embarrassment and openly discuss about Breast health. We distribute free Breast Self-Exam (BSE) cards in local languages that work wonders #BreakTheBreastTaboo. Please get the card of your language: https://www.breastcancerhub.org/news-2/self-breast-exam-card. We conduct Real time interviews to depict and unravel the truth on embarrassment & taboo prevailing across the society, even today! Interviews in local languages, summarized in English with Breast Cancer patients, survivors, oncologists, clinicians, cancer researchers & others are eye-openers! https://www.breastcancerhub.org/videos Men can have Breast Cancer too, We generate awareness about Breast cancer scenario in Men and the early detection screening processes. RESEARCH We bridge the gap between the developed and developing world to uplift the research potential. We investigate the Cancer scenario specially in the rural sectors for impactful results to help the community. Students: BCH mentors & brings awareness and scientific thought leadership in the students that will encourage research ideas, data analysis, and most importantly empowering them with knowledge about cancer prevention-our future to end Late detection Cancer & Save Lives.

What are your strategies for making this happen?

1. POPULATION OUTREACHES TO GENERATE AWARENESS ABOUT BREAST CANCER IN WOMEN & MEN- People are not aware that a painless or painful lump in the breast could be cancer due to Knowledge-IGNORANCE & SHYNESS. Our strategy #BreakTheBreastTaboo. We also focus on How Mammograms miss tumors with Dense Breast, Lifestyle, Diet, Stress, Exercise & preventable measures for all types of Cancer. 2018 & 2019 - Sessions conducted in USA & India USA- Chicago, Charlotte, Concord INDIA- We conducted more than 140 outreaches in India, covering cities, towns, villages, tea-gardens,hospitals, colleges, universities, research Centers in urban and rural sectors all across India. https://www.breastcancerhub.org/events In India, during the camps, if we request women to go for Mammogram after age 40, it’s the inertia and mindset, only 1% women will go and 99% will think – "my family doesn’t have Breast cancer, why do I worry?" In addition, huge population of India is stricken by poverty, & if we request them to take one day off from their daily wage work & go to the nearby hospital to do either free screening mammogram or spend money from their pocket to do the same, this will never work. In addition, women are not aware that mammograms can miss tumors due to dense breast issues. Therefore, the best screening method that covers all aspects is Breast Self Exam (BSE). We produced BSE cards in 10 Indian languages – Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu in addition to English, Bahasa, German, Portuguese, Spanish, with our wonderful collaborators. https://breastselfexams.org/self-breast-exams-cards/ 2. We conduct Real time interviews with oncologists, clinicians, cancer researchers & others to depict and unravel the truth on embarrassment & taboo prevailing across the society, even today! https://www.breastcancerhub.org/videos 3. The inspirational stories & interviews in local languages of our Cancer advocates provide strength to others fighting cancer! We share stories of our advocates to inspire help other women & men to break the taboo and discuss about Breast health. Through local languages, we can motivate the population who are not aware of English but know only the local language. https://www.breastcancerhub.org/our-heroes 4. We conduct research to investigate the Cancer scenario specially in the developing countries for impactful & substantial results to help the community. 5. Organizing Young Scientist Cancer Meet & Seminars focusing on All types of Cancer & Preventable Measures. 6. BCH ambassadors are our community leaders, conducting sessions to spread the word about early detection within the community. 7. PATIENT TREATMENT BUCKET: We help all types of Cancer patients with treatment by providing financial aid to patients who are extremely poor. 8. We analyze and navigate suspected cases towards affordable healthcare options. 9. Collaborating with other countries-Peru, Suriname, Nepal, Bangladesh, kenya

What are your organization's capabilities for doing this?

1. Our Founder & President's credentials & expertise: Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy is the founder and President of Breast Cancer Hub with 18+ years of experience in Research, Teaching and Mentoring undergraduate and Ph.D. candidates in the field of Genetics and Breast & Pancreatic Cancer. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (Genetics) from Assam University, in addition to her research experience in Biochemistry at Delhi University, India. Dr. Das Roy did her Post-Doctoral fellowship from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, USA in Cancer Immunology & therapeutics focusing on Breast and Pancreatic Cancer. She received her MBA from Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management, Chicago. Her professional career started as a lecturer of Genetics in Garden City College, Bengaluru, India, followed by her Post-Doctoral fellowship from Mayo Clinic. She moved to University of North Carolina at Charlotte and served as Research Professor, awarded with grants as Principal Investigator from the Department of Defense cancer research program) investigating targeting therapies and signaling pathways in metastatic Breast and Pancreatic cancer. Dr. Das Roy worked as a Research Director at OncoTAb, Inc, focusing on Cancer diagnostics and therapeutics and as an Adjunct Associate Professor at UNCC & was awarded with Contract grant from National Cancer Institute as Principal investigator. Her original research work is attributed with numerous high impact factor publications, citations, press releases with global recognition from American Association of Cancer Research and public media for breakthrough work on discovering the signaling pathway between Breast cancer metastasis and Arthritis. She is a scientist reviewer of grants from Department of Defense and for Cancer related journals. She serves as Global Leadership Panel member at Fight Cancer Global. She resigned from her job and founded Breast Cancer Hub in September 2017 as honorary & pro bono service. Dr. Das Roy completed “Step into Impact” Nonprofit Executive Education Program from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management in 2018. She also serves as Global Leadership Panel member at Fight Cancer Global. Dr. Das Roy received “Award of Excellence for Humanitarian service” at Male Breast Cancer Coalition Conference on April 27th, 2019 at Orlando, Florida, USA. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lopamudradasroy/ 2. BCH is Honored with various awards & press releases (newspapers & TV). https://www.breastcancerhub.org/news/ 3. Our Team consists of experts at different Boards: www.breastcancerhub.org (Global Network) BOD Medical Advisory board Scientific Advisory board General Advisory Board Financial Advisory Board Marketing Advertising Board Digital Technology Board Editorial Board Fundraising Committee 4. More than 500 volunteers spread out across the world in addition to our connectors committee. 5. We have more than 100 collaborators spread across the globe: All profiles in our website under Global Network.

How will your organization know if you are making progress?

Impact: We reached out to more than 50,000 people so far during our sessions & through social media, press releases & our interviews by media. In this process, we have helped save more than 5000 lives by helping them to be detected early, analyzing the reports, connecting the suspicious cases towards the healthcare navigators. We also have follow ups from patients as Dr. Das Roy personally provides scientific counselling via email & WhatsApp. Population outreach is working wonders- A. We distribute free Breast Self Exam (BSE) cards in the local languages & the authentic easy steps’ protocol is not only wholeheartedly accepted by urban & rural sectors but women & men are also taking more for their network & extended families. They are coming forward to learn how to perform BSE & requesting for online download link to be shared through their social media. Women promise us that any abnormalities faced, they will visit doctors for further investigation or connect with us. B. We have data showing - from 0-2% Breast cancer screening in developing countries before our outreach sessions to 95-99% acceptance and knowledge about Breast Cancer screening post sessions. C. Our volunteers & collaborators are from different culture, demographics, geography & ethnicity—North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and middle eastern countries. They are reaching out to us for our BSE cards, research materials, to become BCH ambassadors to spread the word about early detection and also for collaboration in research. D. USA: Young Scientist Cancer Meet on September 14, 2019, projects mentored by Dr. Das Roy, Founder, with 42 Teams (AGE 6 to 21 years) presenting 42 different topics related to Cancer was a huge success and covered by Spectrum News- Topic ranges from- Different types of Cancer, Early detection, Causes of Cancer, How to prevent Cancer, Risk factors, Genetics, Treatment, Carcinogens, Statistics, Comparative study between Developed & Developing countries & many more eye-opening review research analysis conducted by our teams. WE ARE REQUESTED TO CONDUCT MORE OF THIS KIND in future. E. Research studies in progress F. Press releases about the impact Breast Cancer Hub outreaches and the Founder is having in the society is published in India & USA - https://www.breastcancerhub.org/news G. Invited to conduct outreach Camps/sessions in USA & India from various educational institutes & communities. Beta Clubs (Science Clubs) in schools in USA are coming forward to collaborate and learn about Cancer awareness from BCH. H. BCH new wings starting from January 2020- Colon Cancer Hub; Oral and Cervical Cancer Hub focusing on Early detection screening & research. I. Donors are coming forward to donate as we build our credibility through our work demonstrated with ethics, integrity and transparency.

What have and haven't you accomplished so far?

Biggest accomplishment- Satisfaction that our service is helping to Save Lives through our focus on Early detection Campaign by breaking the Breast taboo & empowering women & men with the knowledge about Breast Cancer screening since in developing countries most of the people are not aware that a lump in the Breast could be cancer. 1. BCH has pioneered the creation of Breast Self Exam Card for both Women & Men in different Indian vernacular by groups mastered in the respective Indian languages through authenticated proof-reading, with more in the works to cover most parts of India in addition to English, Bahasa, German, Portuguese, Spanish produced with our wonderful collaborators. BSE cards are saving Lives as we distribute it Free of Cost during our Outreach sessions across the world, focusing on details about early detection & screening. The Cards are available online & downloaded by innumerable people saving cost, embarrassment & taboo - a simple early detection process for the countries where poverty is utmost & mammogram screening process is not covered by insurance & not a priority. 2. EVENTS AND OUTREACHES conducted by our Founder, Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy-2018 & 2019 - https://www.breastcancerhub.org/events USA- Chicago, Charlotte, Concord - More than 30 in USA at educational institutes, companies & communities. INDIA- Breast Cancer Hub conducted more than 140 outreaches in India, covering cities, towns, villages, tea-gardens,hospitals, colleges, universities, research Centers in urban and rural sectors all across India. Data collected at each session shows ~0-1-2% Breast Cancer screening, therefore the success rate of the BCH outreaches are huge & helping in early detection as women & men are not aware that a lump could be cancer. 3. Award of Excellence in Humanitarian Service received by the Founder, Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy at Male Breast Cancer Coalition Conference, in Orlando, April, 2019. 4. Research papers to be published from our research work conducted in the Developing countries. 5. Young Scientist Cancer Meet organized by BCH on September 14, 2019 in USA at Spectrum News. 6. Interviews & Press releases in India – News Channels coming forward helping BCH to break Stigma-Taboo & Ignorance. 7. More than 50 press releases outlining the impactful work by the Founder conducting the extensive outreach campaigns. 8. Patient treatment bucket – Financial Aid for underprivileged sectors facing Cancer Next steps: 1. BCH wings from January 2020- Colon Cancer Hub; Oral and Cervical Cancer Hub focusing on Early detection screening by adopting villages in Developing counties to eradicate Breast, Oral & Cervical Cancer late detection death. 2. Develop mobile app with self breast exam guide, timing, reminders, alerts and notifications for screening. 3. Donors are welcome to fund our extensive research proposals to be executed in the Developing countries.


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