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Effectiveness & Results


In an effort to be a role model of transparency and accountability regarding our effectiveness and results, we present the following information to our users. For definitions of the various terms used below, we refer you to the Methodology portion of our site.

Our Goals and Strategies

  • Goal 1:   Create an enduring and scalable organization
    Strategy: CN will ensure its long-term financial health by diversifying its sources of funding. This includes increasing the size and support of the Board, expanding support from individual donors, obtaining foundation funding, developing a planned giving program, launching a capital campaign, increasing ad revenue and creating new fee for service products and services.
  • Goal 2: Further product development
    Strategy:  CN will consult with industry experts and our partners to develop a methodology that provides donors with information on charities’ results reporting. We will also re-examine the current financial measures and update them as appropriate.
  • Goal 3 : Remain a leading industry authority and donor advocate
    Strategy:  To  be a role model of best practices and good governance we will continue to adhere to the recommendations set forth in Independent Sector’s Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide for Charities and Foundations. We will also continue to ensure that we have all the proper policies and procedures in place that charities are required to report on to the IRS in the Form 990. In the near future, we will also implement an even more robust performance management and measurement system to track our results and provide evidence of the social value of our services. All of the aforementioned information will be presented on our web site in a transparent manner.
  • Goal 4: Growing utilization and donor markets
    Strategy: CN will continually improve our website to maintain a user-friendly platform for accessing data about charities. We will also utilize that data to publish reports that appeal to a wide number of donors. We will be as responsive as possible to all requests by donors, the media, government, the business community and charities for information and education about our products and services, as well as our views regarding the challenges and accomplishments of the charitable sector.


Our Capacity

Charity Navigator is the largest and most utilized charity evaluator in America and is well positioned to become the one-stop source for those interested in making a wise social investment. The following resources will enable us to reach our goals:

  • Dedicated and involved Board of Directors
  • Committed leadership teamstaff and volunteers
  • Expanding community of individual donors and users
  • Financial support from foundations
  • Diverse revenue streams which include ad revenue, data sales, customized reports and subscription services (ex. API)
  • Technology expertise and infrastructure
  • Respected panel of experts and consultants provide guidance in expansion of ratings
  • Increasing number partnerships with other nonprofit evaluators such as GreatNonprofits
  • Trusted source of information for the media and government regulators


Our Performance Measures

To ensure that we remain focused on our goals, we have created a dashboard that is regularly updated by our staff and reviewed by our Board of Directors. The dashboard contains information about our benchmarks for measuring our performance.

Charity Navigator's Charting Impact Report (a standard framework for creating reports that enable stakeholders to easily and clearly understand the objectives, benchmarks for progress, and impact of nonprofits)  is accessible on the Chariting Impact website here.



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