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President & CEO's Report for May 2011

May 2, 2011


A book has just been published that we hope will be of critical help in getting charities to do a better job at managing their performance. It is called The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox and is authored by our advisor and friend Dr. Robert Penna. We were honored to have our logo on the book as well as the opportunity for me to write the Foreword. Dr. Penna continues to provide critical leadership in helping charities to become more results focused and it is our privilege to have him help us move forward in our efforts with CN 2.0 and other projects.

Since my April report was focused on predictions for the year to come, it has been two months since I have been able to provide you with an update on our work. Therefore I hearken back to the terrible disaster that struck Japan in March. We vetted all of the charities in our database that are offering help there and developed a list that identifies those that clearly commit to having all donations received to help with the disaster, going to that alone. Not surprisingly, we saw a tremendous increase in site usage and media interviews. What was surprising to us was the call by some experts not to give to the recovery efforts. To each his own...

The other major activity for us these past two months has been the continued testing of CN 2.0 with a second round of 100+ graduate students in 8 universities around the country. We should have the results of their work within the next couple of weeks and then plan to open up testing of CN 2.0 to anyone who is willing to commit the time to be trained and can volunteer a few hours for each charity evaluation. If you are interested in being considered for this, please contact us at volunteer @ charitynavigator.org. We have a cloud based application that you can use online that includes the training and the rating application. You will be greatly helping us to continue to learn how our soon-to-be volunteer rating army is going to work! We hope to finalize the tool by the end of year and roll it out in the Spring of 2012.

Finally, we are so proud to announce that the Hewlett Foundation and Liquidnet have joined together to fund an event in June that will be co-hosted by Charity Navigator and NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. The event has a working title of, “Transparent Performance Management and Measurement” and will include professors from around the country who are teaching courses and doing research in these areas. In addition, there will be a number of workshops that will be open to nonprofit leaders and experts to learn more about the importance of working to get the best results. CN 2.0 will be showcased at the event along with Dr. Penna’s book.

I hope you all are enjoying the Spring!

All the best,
Ken Berger

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