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An Important Letter From Charity Navigator's President & CEO About CN 2.0

September 7, 2011


Dear Charity Navigator User, 

After two years of conceptual work, followed by over a year of data gathering and months of analysis, Charity Navigator is changing the way it rates charities. On September 20th, we are expanding our rating system from the 1-dimensional tool that exists today (which solely rates the financial health of charities) to a 2-dimensional tool that evaluates a charity's Accountability & Transparency and its Financial Health.  We call this new system CN 2.0 and among the improvements you'll see:

  • 2-Dimenstional Ratings for 5,500 Charities
    All 5,500 charities will be assigned an overall star rating that reflects both their Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency. This is the first major change to Charity Navigator's rating system since we launched our service in 2002.
  • Easier to Understand Financial Ratings
    Each charity will be issued a single star rating for its financial performance, instead of two sub ratings and one overall financial rating.  
  • Full Ratings, Front and Center
    The Financial data and Accountability & Transparency data will be consolidated onto a single ratings page. No longer will you need to toggle between the charity's profile page and the Accountability tab in order to see its complete data.

Accountability & Transparency includes indicators of good governance, ethical practices and openness with information. We believe, as do most experts, that these are critical issues in determining a charity?s ability to perform at its best. You will soon have that additional knowledge to do good at your fingertips.

Thank you as always for your incredible support and interest in our work as we strive to provide you with the best guide to intelligent giving that we can.


Ken Berger
President & CEO
Charity Navigator

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