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Charity Navigator's API


Charity Navigator is your source for reliable charity data.

Our Data API provides access to high-quality, comprehensive charity data, which can be easily integrated into your application or website. Our Data API allows you to:

  • Search and filter data for all 1.6 million registered nonprofits
  • Access exclusive data, like our star ratings, for the largest 8,200 charities

Sign up or view our technical documentation here

Rating Tier

  • Search 1.6 million nonprofits by keyword(s) and other criteria
  • Verify a charity's IRS standing and deductibility status
  • Browse by cause areas*
  • Display overall star ratings* 
  • Display mission statement*

Content Tier

  • All the features included in the Rating Tier, plus
  • Browse premium content (Hot Topics, Top Ten Lists)
  • Display detailed ratings for individual charities* 
  • Display accountability metrics for individual charities*
  • Access historical ratings for individual charities*

Pricing and Usage Limits

  • Free
  • 1,000 hits/day

Pricing and Usage Limits

For Content Tier pricing and usage limits, please email us at api@charitynavigator.org.

Data Fields Included

  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  • Charity Name
  • Mission*
  • Tag Line*
  • IRS Classification
  • IRS Subsection
  • Foundation Status
  • Deductibility
  • Charity Navigator URL*
  • Category*
  • Cause*
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Active Advisories
  • Removed Advisories
  • Current Rating (star image)*

*Applies to rated organizations only.

Data Fields Included

  • All the fields included in the Rating Tier, plus
  • Numeric ratings and scores*
  • Form 990 data
  • Financial performance metrics*
  • Accountability tests*
  • Representatives (CEO, chairman, etc.)*
  • Lists (Top Ten Lists, Hot Topics)*

*Applies to rated organizations only.

Please review the attribution requirements for using our Data API. 

Please review the attribution requirements for using our Data API. 

Charity Navigator API in Action

Giving Compass is using the Charity Navigator API to help donors make informed decisions

Screenshot showing Giving Compass presenting Charity Navigator data

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