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President and CEO's Report for February 2014

Top FY 2013 Accomplishments and New Board Member

February 1, 2014


This is my first report to you for 2014 and I would like to take this opportunity to briefly reflect on our work in 2013. It was one of the most amazing years we have had in our 12 year history. As I prepared this report (first for the Board and now for all of you) I could not believe what this staff of 14 has achieved with your tremendous help and support. The list is organized by the four major goals we set for the organization in our strategic and business planning processes (in 2011 and 2012 respectively). Have a look!

 Top Charity Navigator Accomplishments in FY 2013

Goal 1: Create an enduring and scalable organization

  • Received the largest non-founder annual contribution from an individual in our nearly 12 year history.
  • Received first-time unsolicited contribution of $25,000 from the Ochylski Family Foundation that noted "CN allows us to formulate the questions we need to ask in order to make certain our work is making the biggest impact possible".
  • Had a completely clean FY 2012 financial audit (no corrective actions required).
  • Staff increased by 56% this year (from 9 to 14), to begin our scaling up, per the business plan.
  • Moved our offices to a space that is approximately 150% larger (from 1300 to 3200 square feet) to accommodate our planned growth to scale up our organization per the business plan.
  • Engaged the services of a fundraising consultant firm to assist us in increasing our fundraising capacity and ability to scale up our organization.
  • Molly Graepel was promoted to Program Analyst.
  • Conducted our second friendraising event in Washington DC.

Goal 2: Further product development

  • After four years of research and consultation with experts and charities, we launched the Results Reporting Dimension of our rating system in January and met our target for the year of posting information for 600 charities.
  • 1.4 million US registered nonprofits were added to our web site in March of 2013. This moves us from roughly 6,000 pages of information on nonprofits on our web site to 1.4 million! With the tools and tips we are adding, it will help our users in their donations decisions for ANY US registered charity!
  • Launched a mobile version of our site and also began implementation of apps for iphone and Android operating systems.
  • Began a major overhaul of our website by simplifying our home page with a slide screen, more drop down menus and more prominent placement throughout our site of options for users to link to us via social media.
  • The Hewlett Foundation provided a fourth year of funding and committed to funding us for a fifth year as well at the $100,000 level for CN 3.0.
  • The Morris Foundation doubled its annual grant to Charity Navigator (from $15,000 to $30,000) and committed to continue that level of commitment for years to come.
  • Added a Donor Advised Fund widget as another option for donors who have these funds to be able to easily give on our site to any rated charity, soon we will also offer this capacity for all of the remainder of the 1.1 million US registered 501(c)3’s.

Goal 3: Remain a leading industry authority and donor advocate

  • Signed a contract with Wiley to write a book with the working title, “Charity that Counts: The Charity Navigator Guide to Intelligent Giving”.
  • Roughly 50% of charities rated by CN have made changes to their governance practices, web site content and other measures to accommodate CN 2.0 standards.
  • Twenty nine countries on every continent (except Antarctica!) have made inquiries regarding how they might implement a CN rating system and/or get our assistance in doing so. We presented at conferences in both Poland and Saudi Arabia on the same topic.
  • Received 2.5 pages of space, including half the front page, of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which provided a detailed report on CN 3.0. The article was generally quite positive. Following this, CN 3.0 was showcased in a five minute report on NPR’s Morning Edition and numerous other media interviews.
  • The Buffett Family mentioned us as an important resource in their online training program for philanthropists.
  • Bill Gates tweeted and blogged about us, urging people to use our services.
  • For the first time in our history we presented oral and written testimony before a US Congressional Committee (regarding proposed changes to the Combined Federal Campaign).
  • Provided numerous presentations before charities, foundations, academia and governmental officials on both the domestic and international stage regarding a wide variety of issues in the nonprofit sector. 

Goal 4: Growing utilization and donor markets

  • Total visits to our site broke all previous records for the third year in a row and is expected to exceed 6.9 million visits for the first time in our history.
  • The API launched early in 2013 and a number of web sites have begun to utilize it, including 2 paying customers, with nearly 100 developers considering it for future utilization.
  • Increased the number of charities rated to the highest number ever – 7,000.
  • Now have a record number of Facebook (10,000+) and Twitter (24,000+) followers.
  • Provided hundreds of local, regional, national and international media interviews regarding issues of concern to donors.

Thanks so much for helping us to accomplish all of this! We could not have done it without you!

Also, I'd like to announce the addition of our newest Board member, Mark Johnston. Welcome aboard!
All the Best,

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