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President and CEO's Report for April 2014

The Road Beyond Overhead, Battling for the Soul of Nonprofits, and More

April 1, 2014


It has been quite a few months since I have had a chance to provide a more “traditional” report on our activities. So here goes.

To begin with, please check out this video that we did in collaboration with The Giving Library. It gives the viewer a basic thumbnail sketch of what Charity Navigator is all about. Feel free to share it with friends and colleagues who you think might be interested in our work! And for those who are willing to take a deeper dive into the challenges in the nonprofit sector and what we are trying to do to change it, I would urge you to set aside a half hour or so to listen to my closing keynote presentation at a meeting of nonprofits that took place in Seattle this past December. It summarizes my views on what the major obstacles are to making the nonprofit sector as efficient and effective as it should be, as well as what needs to be done to overcome those obstacles. I call the presentation, “The Battle for the Soul of the Nonprofit Sector”.

You may recall that last summer, I joined two of my colleagues to sign what was called the Overhead Myth letter. This resulted in quite a bit of buzz within at least some circles of foundations and charities. I became concerned that, as a standalone letter, the message was one sided (advising donors what to do, but not the charities and foundations). As a result, I recently published an article called, “The Road Beyond Nonprofit Overhead” which explains my thinking on this and what the charities and foundations need to be doing. I also was interviewed regarding my thoughts about the nonprofit sector recently and it ended up getting published as a chapter in a free e-book.

Meanwhile, we have been humming along here continuing our work on CN 3.0 as well as rating more charities than ever. As it stands now, we have rated roughly 7,300 (our goal for this year is to rate 8,000) and we have information on results reporting for close to 800 (our goal for this year is to gather and post results reporting  information on 1,200 charities). We also have launched a new tool for analyzing charities called the CN Watchlist and you can learn more about it here.

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team at Charity Navigator - Georgina Pinsley. Among her many responsibilities as an Administrative Assistant, she is the person who  will answer your phone calls and emails to us. Welcome aboard Georgina!     

As of this month, Charity Navigator has been helping to guide intelligent giving for 12 years! The recent opportunity to ring the opening bell at the NYSE reinforces our growing influence and impact. I am so happy that I have been a part of that accomplishment for almost six years now (and hopefully many more years to come)! As we reach this latest milestone, I want to sincerely thank all of you who have helped to make this happen!

All the best,

P.S. I have recently become something called a “LinkedIn Influencer”, please add me to your network here and get my latest articles and posts on the charitable sector.

Photo: Saad Faruque/Flickr
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