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Hosted Solutions


Charity Navigator's Hosted Solutions enable your organization to quickly and seamlessly integrate our data into your website or application.

This solution is perfect for organizations that want a customized and convenient way for their users to research charities, but have limited IT resources. Charity Navigator's team will develop and maintain web pages that are designed according to your brand specifications so your IT staff can concentrate on other projects.

This service is ideal for organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Foundation officers that need to conduct due diligence on the charities applying for funding
  • Workplace giving platforms that want to offer their employees the opportunity to vet charities before establishing an automatic deduction from their paychecks
  • Donor-advised funds that want to help their clients research charities before they recommend gifts
  • Loyalty programs and other marketing incentives that want their customers to be assured their donations are going to worthy charities

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Implementation and Low Maintenance: You benefit from having real time data without the hassle of set up or maintenance.
  • Customization: We can add your logo and change the aesthetics to meet your needs and maintain your branding.
  • Keep Your Users Close: The customized pop-up report window means your users do not have to leave your platform to view the same information displayed on the Charity Navigator website.
  • Support for Your Users: Each of the evaluation parameters are hyperlinked to a glossary of terms which enable your users to quickly understand the information presented. Users that want greater detail how Charity Navigator evaluates charities, can simply click on the Charity Navigator logo.

Charity Navigator Hosted Solutions in Action

Charity Navigator's longstanding partnership with Foundation Source, the nation's leading provider of support services for private foundations, provides their clients with seamless access our in-depth, objective charity analysis. This ensures that Foundation Source's customers are able to thoroughly research their charitable investments and thus have greater confidence in their grantmaking decisions.

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Contact for pricing: sales@charitynavigator.org

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