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Nepal Earthquake Anniversary: One Year Later

Relief, Recovery, and Rebuilding

April 21, 2016

Nepal Earthquake Anniversary: One Year Later Header Image
On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed and injured thousands and left Kathmandu badly damaged. Just two weeks later, on May 12, a series of additional major earthquakes struck Nepal killing and injuring thousands more. The 8 million people affected faced shortages of food, water and shelter. In response, 330 humanitarian agencies launched 2,200 different relief programs and services. 
After the Nepal earthquake, the enormity of the suffering and destruction moved many to want to reach deep into their pockets and donate. But with so many charities participating in the relief efforts, donors were unsure where their charitable investments would have the biggest impact. To assist donors in navigating this long list of charities, we published giving tips and a selection of highly-rated charities providing assistance.
One of those tips, encouraged donors to follow up in the months following the earthquake to find out how their donations were put to use. To help you with that effort, we asked all the charities featured in that Hot Topic to report on their progress. A total of 35 charities submitted reports on the short-term results of their work in Nepal.
The survey revealed: 
  • Donations: These charities reported that they received a total of $230.7 million in donations to support their Nepal earthquake response. With a total of $56.3 million, Save The Children reported the most donations.
  • Range of philanthropic responses: These charities engaged in a variety of charitable activities in Nepal including reconstruction of homes and schools, building orphanages, providing medical supplies and eyecare, delivering food and water, and mental health care. For example, International Relief Team reported spending $228,000 for the construction of 392 temporary classrooms and 47 damaged schools, Children’s Hunger Fund bought $60,000 worth of food in bulk in emergency response of funds for their on ground partner and Global Links provided over $165,000 worth of specialized medical and surgical supplies.
  • Collaborative Efforts: 34 out of 35 charities reported that they collaborated with another charity and/or organization while providing relief in Nepal.
  • Status of the charity response to date: Noting the many lives saved and infrastructure improvements made, charities indicated that the response in Nepal to-date has been successful. They attribute this success both to the generosity of donors and the collaborative efforts between international charities, local charities and government agencies.
    However, most charities remain concerned about the future of Nepal noting that there are still shortages of shelter, food, medicine, and water. 
  • Ongoing need: Of the charities that submitted reports, 28 are still accepting donations to fund their ongoing relief and recovery efforts in Nepal. You can support that work via our Giving Basket by clicking on the Donate button on the individual charity's survey response page. 

To see a charity's detailed report, simply click on their name below.

CharityTotal Cash Raised CharityTotal Cash Raised
All Hands Volunteers
four stars


four stars


three stars


  Catholic Relief Services
four stars


Children's Hunger Fund
three stars


  Church World Service
three stars


Concern Worldwide US
four stars


  Convoy of Hope
four stars


Direct Relief
four stars


  Giving Children Hope
four stars


Global Links
three stars


four stars


Handicap International US
three stars


  Helen Keller International
four stars


Helping Hand for Relief and Development
four stars


  International Relief Teams
four stars


Islamic Relief USA
four stars


  Lutheran World Relief
four stars


Matthew 25: Ministries
four stars


  Mercy Corps
three stars


Operation Blessing International
three stars


  Operation USA
four stars


Oxfam America
three stars


  Plan International USA
four stars


Project C.U.R.E.
four stars


  Samaritan's Purse
four stars


Save the Children
three stars


  Seva Foundation
three stars


SIGN Fracture Care International
four stars


  SOS Children's Villages-USA
three stars


United States Fund for UNICEF
three stars


  VisionTrust International
four stars


Water Mission
four stars


  WaterAid America
four stars


World Education
three stars


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