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What is Charity Navigator's syndicated content?
Each day, based on a particular holiday or timely theme, we select 4-5 high-performing charities to display on our home page. This Featured Charities list is updated daily and includes links to each charity's rating page.

We've now made it possible for you to display Charity Navigator's Featured Charities on your site, free of charge and under the terms of the standard license located below. The box on the right is a live example of the content.

Why use Charity Navigator's syndicated content?
By making use of Charity Navigator's syndicated content you will be adding a continuously updated source of information for your site's visitors to enjoy and further our mission of helping donors find responsible organizations to support.

How to use Charity Navigator's syndicated content.
Simply cut and paste the following Javascript code into your page.

The featured charities will be updated automatically on a daily basis. When a visitor to your site clicks on one of the links, a new window will open.

Add Charity Navigator graphics to your page.
Downloadable graphics can be found here.

Syndication Terms

Please note that by syndicating our content, you agree to the following very standard syndication terms:

1. Relationship of parties: Placing Charity Navigator Javascript (hereafter "the code") on your Website does not create or constitute a joint venture, partnership, agency or franchise relationship between you and Charity Navigator.

2. Rights granted: You are receiving non-exclusive electronic rights to publish the syndicated commentary (hereafter "the content") that Charity Navigator delivers through the code.

3. Warranties, indemnification and limitation of liability: Charity Navigator offers this service with no guarantees. By placing the code on your Website or retrieving data via RSS you waive your right to hold Charity Navigator liable for indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages resulting from your use of the code.

4. Modification: You may only modify the code as specified by Charity Navigator. You may not remove credits or links to the Charity Navigator or otherwise cause these items to be obscured.

5. Term and termination: Charity Navigator can terminate delivery of the content and modify the content delivered through the code without notification.

6. Violations: Your violation of this agreement may result in termination of delivery of the content through the code, result in us requesting that you remove the code from your Website, and result in further legal action.

Need help?
If you have any questions or need help implementing the code, contact us via api@charitynavigator.org

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