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Famine & Drought

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Throughout Africa, as well as in Yemen, people are suffering from famine brought about by long-lasting drought. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, South Sudan has over one million people facing starvation. Yemen has 19 million in need of humanitarian aid, and 17 million Yemenis lack reliable access to food. In Northern Nigeria alone, 7 million are facing the impact of famine. Many of the countries impacted by the drought and famine already host refugees and are seeing increasing spikes of internal displacement. 1
To think of famine as food scarcity is not inaccurate; however, this fails to capture the severity of what famine looks like practically. The United Nations agencies and the Famine Early Warning Systems Network use three criteria to declare a famine. First, a minimum of one in five households must face an extreme lack of food. Second, more than 30% of the population must suffer from acute malnutrition. Lastly, at least 2 of every 10,000 people die each day from lack of food or malnutrition. 2
Famines cause far-ranging suffering. Human lives are lost, children lose access to education, and countries must address the effects of the famine for decades following its official 'conclusion.' Charity Navigator encourages you to help end this crisis. Our staff has curated a list of highly-rated organizations that will use your donation to combat this famine and provide humanitarian relief to those directly impacted. Simply click on the name of the country below to view the list of charities helping in that region. Once you've selected a charity or two that you wish to support, click on the 'Donate to this Charity' button to take advantage of the benefits of our Giving Basket.





South Sudan



Heart for Africa
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Kinship United
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2. Aizenman, Nurith. "Who Declares A Famine? And What Does That Actually Mean?" NPR. February 23, 2017. Accessed April 12, 2017.  Return to citation

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