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Racial Justice & Civil Rights

These highly-rated charities defend civil rights, protect legal rights, and promote tolerance and understanding.

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Following the murder of George Floyd, much of the nation's attention focused on racial injustice and the deep-rooted issues that allow inequality to continue. The pursuit of racial justice and equity continues with a goal of bringing about systemic change so that future generations can live in a world without prejudice. 
In an effort to provide those passionate about racial justice with resources, Charity Navigator presents this list of highly-rated nonprofits whose missions are focused on defending civil rights, protecting legal rights, and/or promoting tolerance and understanding among different races, ethnicities, genders, religions, and cultures. 
The 3- and 4-Star charities included in this list have earned their ratings by being financially efficient and transparent in their operations. These nonprofits are larger and national in scope. 
Smaller and more recently established nonprofits not included in the Star Rating System are assessed via our Encompass Rating System. Organizations with a rating of 75 and above out of 100 have a ‘Give With Confidence’ attribute. Please visit this page for a general list of Encompass charities and enter your preferred keyword(s) in the box within the left sidebar. 
You can click on the organization’s name to find more details on their performance and mission. From there, you can also access contact information and the option  to donate via the Charity Navigator Giving Basket.
Note: This Hot Topic was updated on April 26, 2021

Immigration Advocacy
Policy Advocacy & Reform
Civil Rights Legal Services
Human and Civil Rights Advocacy & Education

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