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Arbor Day

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Can you be-leaf it? Arbor Day is already here! Across the world, communities celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees in their cities. The holiday and tradition date back to the 1500s when the first arbor plantation festival was held in Spain. Arbor Day finally landed in the United States in 1872, with the first celebration held in Nebraska City, Nebraska. In 1872, more than one million trees were planted!

Arbor Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate spring, get outside, and liven up your community. Towns and cities across the country work with local groups to organize Arbor Day planting events. Contact your municipality or one of the organizations listed here to find out more about how you can get involved, and then grab some your family or friends and make a day of it!

Another way you can make a difference this Arbor Day is by supporting a highly-rated organization. These highly-rated 3- and 4- star charities are working to protect, preserve, and promote our forests, whether they be big or small. Consider a donation to keep to one of these great charities to protect an integral part of our environment for future generations!


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