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Alexa, I Want To Make a Donation!

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Donating to your favorite charity keeps getting easier and easier. A few months ago, Amazon launched their Alexa Donate program, which is currently an invite-only program for charities. (And big news for us!! Charity Navigator just became one of their 83 charities accepting donations through their program -- as a 501(c)(3) organization ourselves, we're thrilled to be a part of their program). 
Amazon’s donate function is just another innovation in a long line of new ways to donate (see your friend’s Facebook fundraiser for their favorite cause, a GoFundMe supporting your local community, or even Amazon’s Smile program, which you can use to give back while you shop). Charity Navigator is thrilled to be a part of the small, but ever-growing, program that Amazon has started in order to make the donation process more accessible to individuals. 
Here’s how it works: 
If you have an Amazon Alexa, you can start by saying "Alexa, I want to make a donation." Alexa will then ask which charity you'd like to donate to. If you're hoping to donate to a Charity Navigator-vetted organization -- just take a look at this page! Thirty-two organizations, highly-rated by Charity Navigator, accept donations from Amazon Alexa. Once you've told Alexa which charity you'd like to donate you, you also tell her how much you'd like to give, and voila! you've successfully donated using Amazon Alexa. (As a note, the Amazon Pay process and Charity Navigator donation process to give to other organizations are completely separate and are in no way connected -- if you give through the Charity Navigator site, it's a different donation set-up than Amazon Pay!)
Charities have to start accepting donations through Amazon Pay in order to receive donations from Amazon. When you decide to give through your Alexa, the 83 charities will receive donations through their Amazon Pay account. One good piece about this program is charities have a lower processing rate than sellers on Amazon Pay, which means that more of your donation is actually getting in the hands of the charity. (To read more about donation processing fees, which happen for almost every online donation, read our tips here). The current donation processing fee for Amazon Pay is 2.2% plus an authorization fee of $0.30. Which means that if you donated $10.00 to a charity, only $0.52 is taken out. To compare Amazon's program to other donation processors, take a look at our graphs here
After charities receive their first donation through Amazon Pay, they have to wait 14 days (only once) to receive their donation. Once this 14 day period has passed, charities then receive your donation in the same day that you’ve donated -- sometimes other processors can take up to three or four weeks to send the check to the charity.
Make sure you get a tax receipt from the charity you’ve donated to! Amazon will send you a confirmation of the donation but they do not send a tax receipt. 
So, what are you waiting for? We've listed thirty-two charities that are highly-rated by Charity Navigator AND accept donations through Amazon Alexa. Check out Amazon’s Alexa donate feature & give in a new way today! (Maybe even consider a $10 donation to Charity Navigator on your Alexa while you're at it). 

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