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Relief for Flooding in New Orleans

These highly-rated charities are delivering aid in the wake of disastrous flooding in the Big Easy

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On Wednesday, July 10 six inches of rain fell on New Orleans, causing the Mississippi River to raise to 16 feet. With pumps unable to keep up with the rainfall, parts of New Orleans are now flooded. Flooding is extremely dangerous, as it can lead to drowning as well as injuries or illnesses from infectious diseases.
As Tropical Storm Barry is anticipated to make landfall shortly, experts are expecting an additional twenty inches of rainfall that would make an already bad situationn exponentially worse.  The storm surge of two to three feet could overtop some levees. States of emergency and mandatory evacuations have been issued as a precaution in some areas. As can be imagined, for Hurricane Katrina survivors, this is incredibly stressful. 
Charity Navigator has reached out to highly-rated charities who working on the ground alongside local organizations to provide emergency shelter, food, and medical resources to individuals and families affected by the flooding. And, they will continue to support relief and recovery efforts as the storm passes through the area and rebuilding can begin. Please consider supporting one of these highly-rated organizations today.

Designated donations made from this page will be applied to charity programs per each charity's designation policies.

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