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Ready to get started?

If you understand the concept of a beta and are ready to begin testing and providing feedback on the new ratings, please use the green button below to begin viewing the new profile pages. Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to read the information below to fully understand what to expect and how you can participate.


In order to better serve both donors and nonprofits, Charity Navigator is expanding the number of organizations we rate from 9,000 to 100,000. To accomplish this goal, we will be launching a new, experimental rating system in July 2020 that will provide a numeric rating (not stars) for those charities who are not currently rated by Charity Navigator. This experimental rating system will live alongside our long-established star ratings.

To ensure the new ratings are as useful as possible, we are providing early access to a select group of donors and nonprofits. The site is still in a beta versionA pre-release of software that includes some of the look, feel, and function of the public release; however, design changes and functionality improvements are implemented with the help of testing., but we are making steady progress and need your continued feedback to help us further enhance our platform.

How Can I Gain Access to the New Ratings?

Accessing the new ratings is easy. Simply click the green button labeled 'Start Viewing the New Pages' below. After you click this button, anytime you search on Charity Navigator, organizations currently showing as 'Not Rated' will load the new profile page. As more than 100,000 organizations are being evaluated under the new system, many will show a numeric rating.

What Should I Do To Help With Testing?

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Once you have clicked the green button, you can search keywords and charity names using the search box in main navigation. When on a new profile page (signified via the pop up that specifies you're viewing a beta version area of the site), you can do the following:

  • View information on the nonprofit, including the overall score, the metrics that make up the score, and the underlying data
  • Click on buttons to add the organization to your My CharitiesThis features allows registered users to track the ratings and advisories of nonprofits they follow. list or to initiate a donation through the Giving BasketCharity Navigator visitors can donate safely and securely to multiple nonprofits in one convenient checkout by clicking Donate to This Charity on nonprofit profile pages.
  • Note anything that looks out of place or is not functioning as you would expect it
  • Engage with the online survey that appears on the page, provide honest feedback on the overall experience, and share any issues that you identified
  • If you are technically able to do so, please check your website error log to see if the page has generated any errors.

We encourage you to view the new ratings/profile pages in multiple different browsers and devices. Whenever you use a new browser/device, you will need to visit this page and confirm your interest in participating in the early access beta of the platform.

Thank You

Thanks for requesting early access to our ratings and providing us with valuable feedback along the way. We will look to keep you updated as we make significant progress and ask that you return periodically to continue to provide valuable feedback along the way.

If for whatever reason, you wish to revert back to the current public version of the site, you can simply return to this page and click the button labeled 'Stop Viewing the New Pages'.

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