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Voting Rights and Election Laws

Highly-rated charities working to ensure Americans have equal access to the polls

Voting Rights and Election Laws Header Image

The right to vote has been one of the most important and revered rights within the United States Constitution. The ability to exercise this right has sometimes been contentious and hard-fought along gender and racial lines. The issues of election laws, voting rights, voter registration and suppression, and reform, have been at the forefront of discussions, debates, and protests. Many individuals and organizations work year-round to ensure that as many Americans as possible have equal access to the polls.

Charity Navigator encourages citizens to do their research, become informed about how to register and their registration eligibility, have clarity about voting procedures, and utilize information provided by their state's board of elections.

For donors looking to ensure that voters have access to free, fair, and secure voting, Charity Navigator’s expert analysts have identified the nonprofits featured on this page. These organizations have programs dedicated to  voter education, registration, election law reform and protection, as well as election monitoring and accountability.  Charity Navigator will continuously update this resource as additional nonprofits are identified and vetted by our analyst team.

To nonprofits, if you are a 3- or 4-Star rated charity directly involved in the causes noted above; please complete this survey for your organization to be reviewed for this list.

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