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Find Volunteer Opportunities

Browse and sign up for virtual and in-person experiences hosted by highly rated charities

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Get first-hand experience supporting the nonprofits you admire

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding (and fun) experience, especially when you're exploring your passions from a new perspective, walking in someone else's shoes. With the help of our friends at Golden, you can explore and register for volunteer opportunities that impact communities nationwide.



We've joined forces with Golden, the world's most award-winning volunteer management software, and most popular volunteering app, to help visitors find and sign up for volunteer opportunities across the nation right on Charity Navigator.

On Golden, our ratings are now proudly displayed on nonprofit profile pages. Volunteers can factor these powerful trust indicators into their decision-making.

How nonprofits can gain free, enhanced access and create volunteer opportunities

Creating an account and posting your first volunteer opportunity takes just minutes. When you sign up through our partnership with Golden, your organization will be able to do the following:

  • Increase volunteer participation to achieve your mission
  • Automate recruiting, scheduling, reminders, check in/out, hour tracking, and visual reporting
  • Access rich profile information on volunteers' employment, affiliations, interests, skills, and credentials
  • Run instant, robust background checks
  • Send notifications to individuals and groups
  • Share live volunteer contributions from authorized partners, including corporations and educational institutions
  • Source photos, reflections, ratings, and other feedback from participants in the field
  • Celebrate volunteers with Karats, Golden's built-in volunteer recognition program

Can you explain the Charity Navigator + Golden partnership?
Please read our press release here and, of course, since you're on our landing page, please learn more about it there.

How do we get started?
Watch our introductory video above, and create your free account here.

Is this really free for nonprofits?
Yes, Golden offers a Free plan, plus Charity Navigator affiliates get enhanced features that usually require a paid plan to access at no cost. There is no cost for your content to appear in the Charity Navigator portal, receive signups, and track productivity.

We already have an account, but we've forgotten where to sign in. Sign in here. Use the email address on file attached to the account and password.

Can we have more than one account for our organization? Can we have multiple email addresses, for instance?
The Professional Plan allows organizations to support hierarchies of chapters, networks of partners, and real time integrations with most leading CRM, CSR, and other software. You'll find everything you need in the Settings menu of the Dashboard. If your organization is not on a Professional Plan, it can easily be added in the "Plans and Add-ons" section of the Settings Menu. Like our portal? Golden can also get you one with your own brand, content, and partners. Golden will give you 30 days free to review and test everything to ensure it suits your nonprofit's needs.

How do we become partners?
Click the "Request to become a partner?' box below the account creation data entry boxes. Checking that box allows Charity Navigator to automatically promote your volunteer Opportunities on the site, and you will receive access to features available only to Charity Navigator Partners. These features include deeper Volunteer Profiles and data access. Becoming a Partner will allow your organization and Charity Navigator to be able to track volunteer engagement accrued through the Opportunities.

What information must we include in our posts for volunteer projects to be active?
When you post your Golden Opportunities, Golden will guide you through a short set of required fields, based on what format of Opportunity you choose - such as virtual, local, mentoring, and more. Listing the fields to post an opportunity takes 1-2 minutes and editing an existing Opportunity takes 5-10 seconds.

Do you share information with 3rd-parties?
No. Users own their data and choose with whom they share it, according to common privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR.

How do we share links to our Opportunities?
Once you create a Opportunity, you can share that link anywhere. Go to your Golden Dashboard -> Opportunities. From the 9-dot menu in line with each of your Golden Opportunities, choose the "Share" option, and copy and paste the link in any email, SMS, social media post, etc. The link will automatically detect the type of device the user is using, and allow them to sign up from a desktop web browser if preferred.

Can I make my organization's Golden Opportunities appear on our own website?
Add the Web Widget feature directly to your own website, and it will always be up to date with your upcoming volunteer opportunities and automatically collect signups. It will have a beautiful image slideshow displaying each available Opportunity. Just copy and paste the "Widget" code from your Golden Dashboard -> Settings -> Widgets into your website, using your website provider's "code injection" or "custom code" feature.

What data or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) does Golden track?
For nonprofits, Golden's Professional and Community Plans show you data related to your entire volunteer base. No configuration required whatsoever. Just login and see your trends.

Here are some of the KPIs:

  1. Number of completed Volunteer sessions
  2. Number of hours logged
  3. Value of volunteer time (according to each USA state or region's official tax rate)
  4. Number of DTVs (Down to Volunteer signups) for each upcoming Golden Opportunity session
  5. Number of cancellations
  6. Number of missed reservations (for past Golden Opportunity sessions)
  7. Number of shares of your Golden Opportunity by Volunteers over social, text, or email
  8. Percent new vs. returning Volunteers per Golden Opportunity
  9. Geographical distribution of volunteer home postal codes
  10. Search terms that led Volunteers to your Golden Opportunities
  11. Common interests of your Volunteers based on their profiles and declared interests
  12. Volunteers who've referred the most people to you ("Deep Influence")
  13. Volunteer retention and lifetime value
  14. On the Custom Plan, Golden can make virtually any other reasonable and compliant business metric or demographic indicator you can imagine available

What is "Deep Influence"?
"Deep Influence" is how you can track how much volunteering is done by people with whom you share a Golden Opportunity. If you share a Golden Opportunity link (on social, email, text, etc.), you'll automatically be able to track how many people see it, how many are down to volunteer, how many go, how many hours of time they donate, the value of the volunteer time they donated, who else they invited with them to go, and the value of time they donated too - all in real time.

Can our nonprofit integrate Golden with other systems, like a CRM?
Yes! Golden currently supports integrations with Kindful, Nationbuilder and Salesforce! Contact Golden at info@goldenvolunteer.com if you have questions about other systems.

Our nonprofit has more questions, how can we reach out to someone?
Contact Golden at info@goldenvolunteer.com

New to volunteering?

Group of volunteers

Volunteering is mutually beneficial. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • You provide much needed assistance to organizations to better execute their important missions
  • You help nonprofits expand their programs to meet increased demand in times of crisis
  • You contribute in your own way to the betterment of your community and to the greater good
  • You discover new areas of interest and gain new perspectives
  • You meet like-minded individuals and expand friendships and professional connections
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Looking to make a difference in your community?

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