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Crisis in Afghanistan

Highly-rated international aid and relief charities responding to the needs of Afghans in crisis

Crisis in Afghanistan Header Image
Following the swift collapse of the Afghan state and hostile takeover by the Taliban, Afghanistan is at risk of a massive humanitarian crisis. 
Images of  Afghans clinging dangerously to departing planes and streets devoid of people, particularly women, have swept the internet. Afghan civilians are in dire need of support for emergency evacuation, relocation, and resettlement operations. Those especially vulnerable include women’s and human rights activists and defenders, educators, media workers, and ethnic minorities. 
In an effort to provide protection and assistance to the Afghans, Charity Navigator presents this list of highly-rated nonprofits addressing medical and health services support, nutritional needs, including the provision of food and access to clean water, housing, resettlement aid to refugees, and general assistance to charities on the ground in Afghanistan. 
The 3- and 4-Star rated charities included in this list have earned their ratings by being financially efficient and transparent in their operations. These nonprofits are larger and national in scope. Please click on the names of the high-performing charities seen on this page to learn more about their mission, programs, and services.

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