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Highly Rated Nonprofits Providing Relief to Louisiana and Other States Affected by Hurricane Ida

Charities involved in relief and recovery efforts, providing food, shelter, medical services/supplies, and debris management

Highly Rated Nonprofits Providing Relief to Louisiana and Other States Affected by Hurricane Ida Header Image
Update - September 2, 2021: Although Hurricane Ida was downgraded to a tropical storm, her power was no less destructive. She made landfall beyond Louisiana, as she moved north along the U.S. east coast, affecting several states, including Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Overnight on September 1, 2021, more than 45 people were killed, including 13 in New York City.
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Hurricane Ida, a powerful category 4 storm with catastrophic, sustained winds of 150 mph, made landfall early Sunday afternoon over Port Fourchon, Louisiana. The size and strength of the storm brought heavy rains, storm surges, and tornado warnings to neighboring states. By nightfall, Orleans parish, including the City of New Orleans, was plunged into darkness after a critical transmission failure. Complicating matters is the COVID-19 pandemic, as severe outbreaks of the virus and the Delta Variant have left Louisiana hospitals at or near capacity.
In a cruel twist of history repeating itself, 16 years ago to the day, on August 29, 2005, one of the deadliest hurricanes in history claimed over 1,800 lives, left thousands homeless, and $125 billion in damage across seven U.S. states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. 
Presented on this page are highly rated nonprofits addressing relief and recovery efforts.  The 3- and 4-Star rated charities have earned their ratings by being financially efficient and transparent in their operations. Please click on the names of the high-performing charities to learn more about their mission, programs, and services.
Photo Credit: Licensing - Creative Commons - US Coast Guard (Flickr)
Medical Services
Medical Supplies
Non-Medical Supplies
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
Long-Term Assistance
Emergency Housing

This includes emergency meals/food, emergency disaster recovery, and debris removal

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