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Celebrities Put Star-Power to Good Use

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Charities cultivate relationships with stars for their ability to increase the public’s awareness of their charitable endeavors and thus stimulate more donations. Celebrities can be spokespersons, board members or even a founder of a charity. The following video highlights a number of celebrities and the causes to which they’ve pledged their support.

It is wonderful that celebrities have the power to make us aware of causes that need our support. But the onus is still on us to do our homework before making a contribution. A celebrity’s endorsement simply can not serve as a substitute for researching a charity. First of all, even if you are the number one fan of a particular celebrity, you two probably do not have exactly the same philanthropic interests. Second, the celebrity may not have thoroughly vetted the charity’s finances, commitment to accountability and transparency or its programmatic accomplishments --- all steps that savvy donors take before making a donation.

Charity Navigator is pleased to present this list of celebrity-related charities to help you determine which may be worthy of a contribution from you. While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, it is an extensive list of celebrity-charity relationships.

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Adam Carolla    

Adam Silver    

Adam Wainwright    

Afleet Alex    

Al Gore    

Al Roker    

Alan Alda    

Albert Pujols    

Alec Baldwin    

Alex Gordon    

Alex Rodriguez    

Alexis Wineman    

Ali MacGraw    

Alice Sebold    

Alicia Keys    

Alicia Silverstone    

Alonzo Mourning    

Alyssa Milano    

America Ferrera    

Amy Grant    

Andie MacDowell    

Andre Agassi    

Andrew H. Card, Jr.    

Andy Roddick    

Ang Lee    

Angela Lansbury    

Angelina Jolie    

Ann Curry    

Anna Gunn    

Annette Bening    

Anthony J. Robbins    

Anthony Munoz    

Antonio Banderas    

Archie Manning    

Arianna Huffington    

Arnold Schwarzenegger    

Arthur Ashe    


Audrey Landers    

Avril Lavigne    

BD Wong    

Bailee Madison    

Barack Obama    

Barbara Walters    

Barry Zito    

Bart Conner    

Bebe Neuwirth    

Ben Sherwood    

Ben Stiller    

Bernadette Peters    

Bette Midler    

Betty White    

Bill Bradley    

Bill Clinton    

Bill Maher    

Bill Nye    

Bill T. Jones    

Bill de Blasio    

Billie Jean King    

Billy Bush    

Blythe Danner    

Bo Derek    

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