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Hurricane Fiona

Highly rated nonprofits responding with relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and surrounding islands

Hurricane Fiona Header Image
On the morning of Sunday, September 18, 2022, Hurricane Fiona swept through Puerto Rico, leaving the Caribbean island without power. The hurricane brought torrential rain triggering catastrophic flooding, washing away and damaging homes, vehicles, and infrastructure, including a bridge constructed after Hurricane Maria five years ago. 
The Puerto Rico National Guard rescued dozens of residents caught in high-rising waters. Filtration plants were overwhelmed by flooding and overflowing rivers, bringing concerns about access to clean water. On Sunday, President Biden approved an emergency declaration ordering federal assistance. As Fiona left Puerto Rico on Monday, it strengthened once again before making landfall in the Dominican Republic, then headed towards the islands of Turks and Caicos.
Charity Navigator will continue to update this resource as other highly rated nonprofits providing or funding direct relief are confirmed. Learn more about the missions and programs of these high-performing charities, and support them through our Giving Basket.
Note: The Charity Navigator analyst team vets nonprofits selected for inclusion on Hot Topics. For crisis or disaster-related lists such as this, nonprofits must be 3- or 4-Star rated (not Encompass-rated), complete a survey identifying the specific services provided, and have a designated fund for donations aligned directly to the crisis or disaster. Some nonprofits, including those highly rated and well-known, can elect not to submit the required information. As a result, they are not included.

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