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4-Star International Charities by Country

Use this list to find U.S.-based 4-star charities working abroad (by clicking on the countries below).
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Where did you get the information for this list?
This list was created by using the information charities present on their own websites.

What does it mean if a charity claims to work in a particular country but they are not listed in that country on this list?
It simply means that we were unable to confirm that this charity works in that country, either because they did not state that clearly on their own website or they recently began their work in that country. In order to verify for yourself that a charity works where they claim to be working you should contact them, using the contact information provided on their Charity Navigator ratings page, and ask them to provide you with details about their programs in the country in which you are interested.

Why do you only list 4-star charities?
This list was created in response to requests from donors who were overwhelmed by the sheer number of charities working internationally and wanted a clear, concise tool to help them identify efficient charities working in particular countries. Although there are many lower-rated charities with programs abroad, in order to make this tool as useful as possible to donors we must, at this time, restrict the charities we list to the most efficient, 4-star charities.   

I am interested in wildlife, environmental, or religious charities that work internationally, why aren’t they included on this list?
The most frequent request we get from donors looking for international charities are from those donors who wish to aid humans living in a particular country and, as such, we created this list as a tool for those donors. If you would like to find a charity that works internationally but is not in the International Cause you can use our Advanced Search feature and specify “scope of work” as “International.” 

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