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Orangutan Foundation International

97% of our DNA...100% of Our Commitment! Supporting Conservation and Understanding of Orangutans

SCORE: 95.12
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
CAUSE : Wildlife Conservation
CFC CODE: 10973  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10973

International Primate Protection League

Promoting the conservation and protection of all primates since 1973

SCORE: 90.66
LOCATION: Summerville, SC
CAUSE : Wildlife Conservation
CFC CODE: 10466  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10466

HawkWatch International

Conserving raptors and our shared environment

SCORE: 89.3
LOCATION: Salt Lake City, UT
CAUSE : Wildlife Conservation
CFC CODE: 11899  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11899

American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

Raising awareness and support for Israel's environment

SCORE: 89.02
LOCATION: Great Neck, NY
CAUSE : Wildlife Conservation (Grantmaking)
CFC CODE: 10953  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10953

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In Defense of Animals

Defending the rights, welfare and habitats of animals since 1983

SCORE: 79.26
LOCATION: San Rafael, CA
CAUSE : Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services
CFC CODE: 11648  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11648

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