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National Gaucher Foundation

Providing support through financial, educational, and research programs

SCORE: 69.15
LOCATION: Rockville, MD
CAUSE : Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines (Grantmaking)
CFC CODE: 11340  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11340

Pro Athletes Outreach

Uniting a community of pro athletes and couples to grow as disciples of Jesus and positively impact their spheres of influence

SCORE: 68.69
LOCATION: Highlands Ranch, CO
CATEGORY: Religion
CAUSE : Religious Activities


Jewish journalism that covers the entire landscape of Jewish life

SCORE: 68.63
CATEGORY: Religion
CAUSE : Religious Media and Broadcasting

Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE)

Advancing transformative transportation technologies to ensure our energy security

SCORE: 68.63
LOCATION: Washington, DC
CATEGORY: Research and Public Policy
CAUSE : Social and Public Policy Research

United American Patriots

Honor. Loyalty. Patriotism.

SCORE: 68.05
LOCATION: Alexandria, VA
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Social Services

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The Fund for Animals

We speak for those who can't

SCORE: 66.82
CAUSE : Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services

Help Heal Veterans

Producing Healing Arts That Enrich Lives

SCORE: 62.54
LOCATION: Winchester, CA
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Social Services
CFC CODE: 12251  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 12251

Pacifica Foundation, Inc.

A community radio network of commercial free stations

SCORE: 59.2
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
CATEGORY: Arts, Culture, Humanities
CAUSE : Public Broadcasting and Media

Citizens United Foundation

Informing the American people about public policy issues which relate to traditional American values

SCORE: 57.42
LOCATION: Washington, DC
CATEGORY: Human and Civil Rights
CAUSE : Advocacy and Education

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