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President & CEO's Report for October 2011

October 4, 2011


Of course the biggest news since my last full report in August was the launch of CN 2.0. What an amazing response it has received! Almost 500 charities had made changes to their accountability and transparency practices from the time we started tracking this information on July 1st up until the launch on September 20th. In the past week, another 191 charities sent us updated information. What a tremendous testament to the positive impact Charity Navigator is having on the nonprofit sector! In other words, in just the past few months a tremendous amount of additional information became available to the world, regarding charities, that wasn’t available before! In case you missed it, my take on all of this was recently published on the Huffington Post blog site (here).

We were also pleased to have had a chance to provide information on charities that are engaged in helping the families of victims of the 9/11 attacks. In addition, we were asked to provide advice on ways to avoid the disgraceful organizations that are trying to scam the public by selling 9/11 items such as mugs and t-shirts (cause related marketing) with little money going to the charities. You can see the interview here.

Also during this two month period, I was asked and accepted a position on a Commission organized by the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to review their practices. The CFC is now celebrating its 50th anniversary of providing a vehicle for federal employees to donate to charity through a workplace giving program. Over a quarter of a billion dollars a year is donated to charity through the CFC. I hope that the Commission can help the CFC to provide the maximum amount of transparency and accountability to those who donate in this way.

Finally, I am happy to announce the newest addition to the Board of Directors of Charity Navigator, Mr. Dan Weiss. Dan has a long and outstanding career in the publishing industry. In addition, he has been a member of the board of a number of outstanding nonprofits, including Echoing Green. Welcome!

Until next time, all the best,

Ken Berger
President & CEO
Charity Navigator

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