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    2023 Holiday Season Donation Trends

    Insights and trends about giving during the holiday season.

    The holiday season is the most critical time of year for charities, with many raising 30 to 50% of their annual revenue during November and December. The funds raised are fundamental to society's safety nets, and unfortunately, we are seeing some potentially troubling news for giving in 2023. 


    Charitable Giving in 2023 is Down Year-to-Date


    • Charity Navigator website traffic is often considered a barometer of philanthropic interest and activity, and website traffic is down 20% year-over-year.
    • We're hearing similar reports from other nonprofits indicating that website traffic, and more importantly, donations are down 20 to 30% year-to- date in 2023.
    • Additionally, data collected by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project shows a decrease in the number of donors and dollars seen in Q1 2023.


    Giving Tuesday Results

    Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to generosity following Thanksgiving, has seen significant yearly growth since launching in 2012. With Black Friday shopping up 7.5% from last year, many in the nonprofit sector were hoping for a big Giving Tuesday. 


    In actuality, $3.1 billion was donated on Giving Tuesday, a nominal increase of just 0.6%. Further, there was a 10% decrease in adults who participated in Giving Tuesday this year from 2022.


    Charity Navigator Survey Findings on 2023 Giving Plans

    Charity Navigator surveyed 500+ donors about their 2023 giving plans. Here are the key findings: 


    • 49% plan on giving the same amount as last year
    • 18% plan to give more than last year
    • 8% plan to give less than last year
    • 25% don’t have a plan - they give as they can


    Reasons Behind The Numbers:


    • Why people plan to give more: humanitarian crises, more income, and tax benefits.
    • Why people plan to give less: increased expenses and less income.


    In the face of the reported decline in donations throughout 2023, let us remember that the spirit of generosity has the power to overcome challenges and create lasting change. While the numbers may indicate a setback, they also signal an opportunity for renewal and collective action. As the year draws to a close, many donors traditionally wait until the final days, and with the stock market on the rise, there's hope that financial situations will improve, fostering a surge in giving. Every contribution, no matter how small, has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. So, let this be a call to action – a reminder that together, we can turn the tide and build a brighter future for all. Your support matters, and by giving what you can, you become a part of a larger movement that transcends challenges and transforms lives.

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