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How Do We Decide To Remove A Donor Advisory?


Donor Advisories typically stay in place for a minimum of one year. In order for us to remove an advisory, the charity must provide public domain documentation or similarly reliable and accessible information that demonstrates that the issues identified in the Donor Advisory have been resolved and action steps it has taken to prevent the issue from reoccurring

For charities that have a Donor Advisory for failing to report their fundraising costs, we will consider removing the Donor Advisory if we receive an amended Form 990 detailing the charity’s fundraising expenses along with evidence that the IRS has also received the amended Form 990.

Once the Committee Decides to Remove the Donor Advisory
When we decide to remove a Donor Advisory, the Donor Advisory will remain in the charity’s ‘Historical’ section of its profile page. The history will be updated to include the information that warranted the removal of the Donor Advisory. This way, donors have an opportunity to learn about and understand the issues the charity previously faced and, if available, how it resolved those issues.


See "How Do We Decide To Post A Donor Advisory?" for an explanation about our process for posting Donor Advisories.

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