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For Now, Uncle Sam Rewards Those Who Give To Charity


 Non-Profit Expert Helps Donors Decipher Tax Rules

Since 1917, Uncle Sam has incentivized charitable giving by allowing taxpayers to deduct their charitable contributions off their federal income taxes.  But recent government actions indicate that Uncle Sam's had a change of heart.  With the Pension Protection Act of 2006, congress passed tighter regulations for charitable deductions, such as restricting taxpayers from deducting the spare change dropped in a charity's collection bucket without a receipt.  More recently, the Obama administration has proposed reducing the charitable tax deduction for the wealthiest Americans as a way to help reduce the federal budget deficit.

With April 15 approaching, your audience should know how the rules governing charitable deductions have changed.

Items for discussion could include:

  • What are the rules regarding tax deductions for cash and noncash donations?
  • What documentation must you provide?
  • What are the benefits of making a donation from an IRA? What are the restrictions? Will you be able to make such a donation in 2012?
  • Is volunteer time deductible?
  • How does a donor accurately value a car donation?
  • How does your income level effect your deductions if the White House's proposed budget passes?
  • How can you tell a well-run charity from an also-ran?

To schedule an interview or for more information, please contact Sandra Miniutti at (201) 818-1288 x105 or


Ken Berger is President & CEO of Charity Navigator a non-profit evaluator providing free online ratings of over 5,000 charities and tax advice tips.  He is available, by phone or via a studio in the NYC area, to help your audience earn credit for their generosity. 

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