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Introducing Results Reporting: The Third Dimension of Intelligent Giving

January 23, 2013


At Charity Navigator we believe there are three dimensions that donors should consider in making wise charitable giving/ social investment decisions. Those dimensions are: (1) Financial Health, (2) Accountability & Transparency, and (3) Results Reporting. CN 3.0 embodies all three dimensions.

Webinar Recording: An Introduction to Results Reporting

Watch a recording of a webinar about Results Reporting and view the associated power point slides.

Why is it important that Charity Navigator add a review of each charity's Results Reporting to its methodology? Because mission-related results are the very reason that charities exist! Effective charities have a strong focus on results; on the outcomes and impact resulting from their work. So we developed a new rating dimension that specifically examines how well charities report on their results. CN 3.0 thus further fulfills the purpose of Charity Navigator - to help charitable givers make wise decisions in choosing the charities that are most worthy of their donations.

A Developmental Approach to Evaluating Results Reporting

Currently, the Results Reporting data is presented for informational purposes only. We do not intend to rate charities on this information until we have gathered the data for every organization in our database. We expect this process to be completed in 2016 (provided we are able to secure the necessary funding) at which time all of the charities on our site would have a star rating reflective of the three dimensions: Financial Health, Accountability & Transparency, and Results Reporting.

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