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Charity Navigator to Ring the NYSE Opening Bell


Glen Rock, N.J. (December 19, 2013)- At the height of the year-end giving season, when Americans donate upwards of $100 billion, Charity Navigator, the nation's premier charity rating service, will ring The Opening BellSM  at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on December 27, 2013.

Participating in the ceremony will be Pat Dugan, Chairman of the Board and co-founder of Charity Navigator; Marion Dugan, co-founder; and Ken Berger, President & CEO of Charity Navigator. Also participating are the following members of Charity Navigator's Board of Directors: Matt Giegerich, President & CEO, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide; Peter Dugan, Sales Director, QPharma, Inc.; Cheryl Black, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Private Bank; Ken Rose, Counsel, Morse, Zelnick, Rose & Lander.

“Pat and Marion Dugan envisioned a free service that would assist donors, with every type of charitable interest, in giving not just with their heart, but also with their head,”said Charity Navigator President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Berger. "Our founders realized that with more than 1 million public charities in existence in America, it was becoming increasingly difficult for charitable givers/social investors to determine which charities would give them the most bang for their buck. So, in 2002, they launched Charity Navigator with ratings of 1,100 charities, which in the years since has grown to a total of 7,000 charity ratings. These 7,000 charities receive over $100 billion per year in private contributions (55% of a non-religious contributions made each year in the USA). Today, Charity Navigator helps millions of philanthropic investors drive billions of dollars to high performing charities each year.”

Charity Navigator is best known for its ratings of the Financial Health, Accountability and Transparency of 7,000 of America’s best-known charities. The site, which is accessible at no charge, also includes information on the remainder of the 1.4 million US nonprofits. Charity Navigator offers tips, expert commentary, complementary tools and popular Top 10 lists to help donors make informed choices about where their contributions will be used most effectively. Find charities worthy of your support at:


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Charity Navigator is the most-utilized charity evaluator in America. The organization helps guide intelligent giving by evaluating the Financial Health, Accountability and Transparency of nearly 7,000 charities and by disclosing basic information on the remainder of the 1.4 U.S. nonprofits. Charity Navigator accepts no advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates, ensuring unbiased evaluations, nor does it charge the public for this trusted data. As a result, Charity Navigator, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity itself, depends on support from individuals, corporations and foundations that believe it provides a much-needed service to America's charitable givers. Charity Navigator, can be reached directly by telephone at (201) 818-1288, or by mail at 139 Harristown Road, Suite 101, Glen Rock, N.J., 07452.

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