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Webinar Recording: An Introduction to Results Reporting

April 28, 2014


On April 28th, Charity Navigator held a webinar to introduce our new rating dimension. Called Results Reporting, the new metrics specifically examine how well charities report on their results. In the following recording of the webinar, our experts explain why Charity Navigator developed Results Reporting metrics, introduce the new methodology and explain our process for implementation.

Please Note: At the time of this Webinar we had intended to move Element One to the Accountability and Transparency dimension of our methodology. However, as we have moved further in the process of Results Reporting, we have determined that Element One should and will remain a metric of Results Reporting.


Webinar Recording

Introducing Results Reporting: The Third Dimension of Intelligent Giving from Charity Navigator on Vimeo.



Associated Power Point Slides

Slides for An Introduction to Results Reporting Webinar from CharityNav

Slides can also be viewed and printed via Google Drive.


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