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Charities Working to Prevent and Cure Breast Cancer

Charities Working to Prevent and Cure Breast Cancer

Although breast cancer receives the most attention during Breast Cancer Awareness month each October, charities work all year long to raise funds for the prevention, treatment, and cure of this devastating disease. All throughout the year people have the opportunity to participate in various walks, runs, and other special events raising money to fight breast cancer. The pink ribbon has become the symbol for awareness of the disease and can be found adorning everything from soda cans to sneakers.  But how many of us stop to examine those pink ribbon charities soliciting our support?

At Charity Navigator we've done the work for you. We've reviewed the financial health of over two dozen of the largest charities working to fight and prevent breast cancer in America. Although these charities have been very successful at generating support, together raising more than $2.4 billion annually in contributions, the disparity in their financial health is enormous.

The good news is that several of these charities efficiently utilize donations to pursue their mission of curing and preventing breast cancer. However, others will astound donors with their inefficient operations and low marks for Accountability & Transparency. For example, one charity spends just 2% of its budget on fundraising expenses, while another spends 91%! Many of these charities spend at least 80% of their budgets on programs and services, while four spend less than 50%. And while many of them earn high ratings for their commitment to Accountability & Transparency, several earn just 2-stars or less in this area. 

Click on the links to the right to learn more about the breast cancer charities soliciting your support. And visit the Tips for Donors section of our site for help in deciding if you should buy that product adorned with a pink ribbon?

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