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Help Those Hurt by the Economic Slump

November 29, 2010


Recent economic indicators show that the US is in a recession. The people hardest hit by the worsening economy are those already living at the margins. For people who live paycheck-to-paycheck a sudden financial crisis, such as the loss of a job, a rent or mortgage increase, or medical emergency can become an insurmountable obstacle that sends them into poverty.   

Fortunately, there are charities that offer emergency financial assistance to support people faced with a sudden financial crisis. These charities offer assistance with such expenses as rent, utilities, mortgage payments, auto repairs, and medical bills. If you wish to support a charity to give a hand to people affected by the economic downturn, you can browse this list of highly-rated charities offering some form of emergency financial assistance. Each charity has earned either a 3 or 4 star rating, meaning that they spend donor money efficiently. Donors can give to these organizations, confident in the knowledge that they will be helping a person or family overcome a financial crisis.   

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