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President & CEO's Report for September

September 2, 2009


I am happy to announce the creation of the Charity Navigator Advisory Panel. This group of experts in the nonprofit sector will focus on assisting us in our efforts to move toward a three dimensional rating system for evaluating charities. We believe that there are three components that a wise social investor (a donor with their eyes wide open) must consider to make a good selection of a charity:

  1. Financial Health – our current rating system encompasses this.
  2. Accountability – which includes transparency, governance and management practices, among other things. We intend to begin reporting on this in a few months.
  3. Outcomes and Outputs – the ability of the charity to create meaningful results that are sustainable over time. We are currently getting ready to test run a couple of tools that we hope can be applicable to our system. 

The panel will provide a sounding board and guide as we move forward with our process of making changes. Thus far we have the following members who have signed on:

  1. David Bonbright - Keystone Accountability
  2. Laura Callanan - McKinsey & Company
  3. John Dugan - Chairman of the Board of Charity Navigator
  4. Robert Egger - Founder and President, DC Central Kitchen
  5. Steven Goldberg - Author (Billion of Drops in Millions of Buckets)
  6. Dr. David Hunter - Hunter Consulting
  7. Jay Jacobs - CEO, Summer Search
  8. Nancy Kelly - CPA , Metis Group LLC
  9. Dr. Jeremy Kohomban - President & CEO, The Children's Village
  10. Andrew Niklaus - First Place for Youth
  11. Dr. Robert Penna - RMPC and Author (Outcome Frameworks)
  12. Katherina M. Rosqueta - Center for High Impact Philanthropy
  13. Sean Stannard-Stockton - Tactical Philanthropy blog and Tactical Philanthropy Advisors
  14. Nicholas D. Torres - Congreso
  15. Leigh J. Tucker - CPA, Accounting Management Solutions, Inc.

A couple of our Advisory Panel members have also recently made an entry on my blog site regarding the issue of measuring outcomes (here and here). We are excited about this wonderful group of talented thought leaders joining us on this endeavor to make our rating system even better and more comprehensive.


All the best,

Ken Berger

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