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National Brain Tumor Society
55 Chapel Street
Suite 200
Newton, MA 02458
tel: (617) 924-9997
fax: (617) 924-9998
EIN: 04-3068130

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Board Leadership

Michael Nathanson


N. Paul TonThat
Chief Executive Officer

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Health : Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines

National Brain Tumor Society

Committed to finding a cure for brain tumors

  Score (out of 100)
What's different?
FYE 12/2012
Overall 89.93 3 stars
  Financial 85.76 3 stars
  Accountability & Transparency 100.00 4 stars

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Financial Performance Metrics
  Program Expenses
(Percent of the charity’s budget spent on the programs
and services it delivers)
  Administrative Expenses 6.6%
  Fundraising Expenses 13.5%
  Fundraising Efficiency $0.12
  Primary Revenue Growth 8.1%
  Program Expenses Growth 0.3%
  Working Capital Ratio (years) 0.57


Income Statement     (FYE 12/2012)

   Contributions, Gifts & Grants $2,066,434
   Federated Campaigns $19,030
   Membership Dues $0
   Fundraising Events $6,729,850
   Related Organizations $0
   Government Grants $0
Total Contributions $8,815,314
   Program Service Revenue $0
Total Primary Revenue $8,815,314
   Other Revenue $-815,673
TOTAL REVENUE $7,999,641
   Program Expenses $6,688,770
   Administrative Expenses $561,227
   Fundraising Expenses $1,137,608
Payments to Affiliates $0
Excess (or Deficit) for the year $-387,964
Net Assets $5,108,344


Compensation of Leaders     (FYE 12/2012)

Compensation % of Expenses Paid to Title
$208,340 2.48% N. Paul TonThat Executive Director


National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with a brain tumor today and anyone who will be diagnosed tomorrow. This means effecting change in the system at all levels.

We have a rigorous and thoughtful agenda, integrating research and public policy to bridge critical gaps. Starting with discovery science, to clinical trial design and the development of new therapies, there are many opportunities to make improvements and speed the momentum of new findings.

It's time to build on progress and transform tomorrow, today.

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