Charity Navigator

Survey: Haiti Earthquake Donations

Please help us learn more about the philanthropic response to the earthquake in Haiti. Your feedback, which will remain anonymous, is greatly appreciated.

1. While the total dollars donated is still being tabulated, polls show that 1 in every 2 American households contributed to charities for Haiti earthquake relief and recovery. How confident are you that the charities spent this money wisely?
  Very Confident
  Somewhat Confident
  Not Too Confident
  Not at All Confident
2. Did you donate to the relief and recovery efforts in Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010?
3. How many charities did you support in this endeavor?
4. Had you ever supported this charity (these charities) before?
4a. If yes, do you
  Regularly support this charity (these charities)   
  Only support this charity (these charities) when you make a disaster related donation
  Had never contributed to this charity (these charities) before
4b. How satisfied are you with the organization(s) response to this disaster?
  Very satisfied
  Somewhat Satisfied

Not Too Satisfied
  Not at All Satisfied
5a. Would you donate to this charity (these charities) again for its (their) work in Haiti?
5b. Would you donate to this charity (these charities) again for its (their) work elsewhere in the world?
  As a one time donation.
  I am open to the possibility of supporting the charity’s programs in the future.
6. What influenced your decision to support a specific charity?
(select all that apply)
  Media coverage of the charity
  The charity’s website
  A celebrity’s endorsement/ involvement
  Charity Navigator’s analysis of the charity
  A friend or family member’s recommendation
  The charity’s annual report
  An appeal you received directly from Charity Navigator
  The charity’s prior experience working in Haiti
  The charity’s results providing this type of aid after other disasters
7. How did your Haiti donation fit into your philanthropic efforts in 2010?
  It was an additional donation
  It replaced donations that I would have normally made to other charities

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete our survey.