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10 Charities with the Most Consecutive 4-Star Ratings


Charities tackle some of society’s most complex and intractable issues --- such as combating hunger, preserving the environment, curing diseases and changing people’s perceptions. These are long-term objectives. To be successful, organizations must be high performers consistently, year after year. These ten charities have earned the most consecutive 4-star ratings demonstrating an ongoing fiscal excellence. They are well-positioned to pursue and achieve long-term change.

Rank Charity Overall Score Consecutive
1 Carnegie Mellon University 96.59 14
2 Compassion International 95.33 14
3 Carnegie Institution for Science 92.32 14
4 The Children's Aid Society 91.04 14
5 Rochester Institute of Technology 90.65 14
6 PAWS Chicago 99.26 13
7 Institute for Justice 97.56 13
8 Emory University 95.25 13
9 American Kidney Fund 94.49 13
10 Energy Outreach Colorado 94.30 13

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