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10 Most Followed Charities


Since Charity Navigator launched in 2002, hundreds of thousands of donors that have become registered users of our site. Registered users have access to (free) premier tools on our site including the ability to share a list of charities, compare charities, view historical data and subscribe to our monthly, email newsletter. Registered users can also create personal portfolios of charities to track the performance of their favorite charities overtime. The 10 charities that have been most frequently added to registered users’ portfolios are listed below. They are ranked by the number of portfolios that include them.

Rank Charity Donors Tracking This Charity
1 Doctors Without Borders, USA 18,907
2 American Red Cross 14,533
3 The Nature Conservancy 11,097
4 World Wildlife Fund 10,166
5 United States Fund for UNICEF 9,341
6 Save the Children 8,745
7 World Vision 8,606
8 Oxfam America 8,387
9 Natural Resources Defense Council 8,123
10 CARE 8,032
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