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10 Super-Sized Charities


This Top 10 list contains some heavy hitters in the nonprofit sector. Each of these charities had total expenses greater than $500 million in its most recent fiscal year. Their combined total expenses are approximately $10 billion. We offer this list because we believe it is enlightening for donors to realize just how large many of America's charities are and why we believe it is important that our country establish a federal regulatory agency to monitor and regulate charities.

Rank Charity Total Expenses
1 American Red Cross $3,356,880,480
2 Feeding America $1,886,998,720
3 Smithsonian Institution $1,146,692,789
4 City of Hope $1,076,265,598
5 American Cancer Society $985,776,801
6 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $982,077,009
7 World Vision $970,739,732
8 ALSAC - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $932,019,645
9 Food For The Poor $896,102,015
10 The Nature Conservancy $752,216,964

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